The ERS Lung Science Conference (LSC) is a showcase for cutting-edge research and its translation into clinical solutions. Its originality and success are based on facilitating dialogue between young scientists and established investigators.


The programme consists of presentations delivered by experts, young investigators oral presentations and poster sessions based on abstract submissions. After each presentation, time is allocated for questions and discussion. Specifically, LSC 2023 is intended to present the latest advances in post-viral lung diseases.

Special features for early-career delegates will be organised, including a session on Successfully funding your future research and the annual mentorship programme.

Conference format

Participants benefit from:

  • Cutting-edge scientific sessions
  • Access to international experts
  • Possibility to submit abstracts for presentation and discussion

Programme coordinators

The conference programme has been developed by an expert committee consisting of the following members:

Prof. Dr Silke Meiners
ERS Conferences and Seminars Director
Research Center Borstel
Borstel, Germany

Prof. Dr Hamida Hammad
LSC 2023 Programme Coordinator
Ghent Univesity Hospital
Ghent, Belgium

Prof. Michael Holtzman
LSC 2023 Programme Coordinator
Washington University
St. Louis, USA

Prof. Gisli Jenkins
LSC 2023 Programme Coordinator
Imperial College London 
London, United Kingdom

Dr Niki Ubags
LSC 2023 Programme Coordinator
Centre des Laboratoires d’Epalinges CLE
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)
Epalinges, Switzerland


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The Lung Science Conference 2023 will apply to the European Board for Accreditation in Pneumology (EBAP) for CME accreditation.