Ongoing Task Forces

ERS Task Forces work to produce official guidelines, statements and technical standards on specific topics in respiratory medicine, in order to guide other respiratory professionals in their clinical practice.
Task Force NumberTask Force NameTask Force Chairs
TF-2022-09ERS Research Statement on diagnosis and management of post-COVID interstitial lung diseaseClaudia Ravaglia,
Maria Molina-Molina
TF-2022-08ERS Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Management of Adult BronchiectasisJames D. Chalmers,
Stefano Aliberti
TF-2022-07ERS Technical Standards for Balloon Pulmonary Angioplasty in Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary HypertensionPhilippe Brénot,
Hiromi Matsubara
TF-2022-03ERS Clinical Practice Guidelines on telemedicine in home mechanical ventilationMarieke L Duiverman,
Claudia Crimi,
Carla Ribeiro
TF-2022-01ERS Clinical Practice Guidelines on continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) for the treatment of adult obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)Dries Testelmans,
Winfried Randerath,
Esther Irene Schwarz
TF-2021-22ATS/ERS/IDSA/CDC Guidelines on Treatment of Drug-Susceptible and Drug-resistant TuberculosisRaquel Duarte,
Nahid Payam,
Sonal Munsiff,
Clara Winston
TF-2021-18Update of the International Multidisciplinary Classification of the Interstitial PneumoniasAndrew Nicholson,
Chris Ryerson
TF-2021-17ERS Statement on preschool wheezing disorders: knowledge gaps, update definitions and outline future directionsSejal Saglani,
Padmaja Subbarao
TF-2021-16ERS Clinical Practice Guidelines on diagnosis and management of Pulmonary Alveolar ProteinosisCormac McCarthy,
Francesco Bonella,
Elisabeth Bendstrup
TF-2021-14ERS Statement on transition of paediatric patients with interstitial lung disease to the adult carePetr Pohunek,
Effrosyne Manali
TF-2021-10Core outcome set for trials evaluating the management of pneumonia – an ERS StatementTimothy Felton,
Tobias Welte
TF-2021-09Developing Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI) reference equations for cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) – an ERS Technical StandardKarl Sylvester,
Helge Hebestreit
TF-2021-08ERS Clinical Practice Guidelines on Symptom Management in advanced lung diseaseAnne Holland,
Magnus Ekström,
Natasha Smallwood
TF-2021-06ERS Statement on “Benign” Pleural EffusionsNajib Rahman,
Giuseppe Cardillo
TF-2021-05ERS Statement on Advanced Telemedicine for Sleep Disordered BreathingMaria Bonsignore,
Johan Verbraecken
TF-2021-03ERS Clinical Practice Guideline on Weaning from Mechanical VentilationMartin Dres,
Paolo Navalesi
TF-2021-01ERS/EBMT Clinical Practice Guidelines on treatment of pulmonary chronic graft versus host diseaseRobin Vos,
Daiana Stolz,
Saskia Bos
TF-2020-22ERS Guideline on ICS/formoterol on demandAlberto Papi,
Florence Schleich,
Diogenes Ferreira
TF-2020-18ERS Technical Standard for a comprehensive high-quality lung cancer CT screening programmeDavid Baldwin,
Jan Van Meerbeeck
TF-2020-15ERS Statement on frailty in adults with chronic lung diseaseMatthew Maddocks,
Christian Osadnik
TF-2020-07ERS/ESTS Clinical Practice Guideline Task Force on fitness for tumour-specific treatments of lung cancerAlessandro Brunelli,
Huber Rodolfo Maria, Georgia Hardavella
TF-2020-06ERS Statement on dyspnoea: a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approachPierantonio Laveneziana,
Louis Laviolette
TF-2020-05ERS Statement on airway clearance techniques in adults with bronchiectasisArietta Spinou,
Beatriz Herrero-Cortina
TF-2020-03ERS/EULAR Clinical practice guideline on connective tissue diseases with interstitial lung (ILD) involvementKaterina Antoniou,
Bruno Crestani,
Anna-Maria Hoffmann-Vold,
Oliver Distler
TF-2020-02Technical standard on nasal nitric oxide measurement in children for the diagnosis of primary ciliary dyskinesisJane Lucas,
Nicole Beydon
TF-2020-01Developing Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI) reference equations for multiple breath washoutAlexandre Horsley,
Kathryn Ramsey
TF-2019-21Updated Technical Standards for the measurement of lung volumesBhakta Nirav,
Aisling McGowan
TF-2019-14ERS/ESTS/ESTRO/ESR/ESTI Statement on management of incidental findings from low-dose CT screening for lung cancer (MILCa)David Baldwin,
Gilbert Massard
TF-2019-05Guidelines on management of spontaneous pneumothoraxNajib Rahman,
Guiseppe Cardillo
TF-2019-03Statement on dyspnoea in acutely ill mechanically ventilated patientsAlexandre Demoule,
Leo Heunks
TF-2018-15Statement on treatment of lung cancer stage 1AHans-Ulrich Kauczor,
Nir Peled
TF-2018-08Statement on diagnosis and investigation of central sleep apnoea in children aged 1 month to 18 yearsHui-Leng Tan
TF-2018-07Techincal Standards on Developing Lung Function Initiative (GLI) reference equations for exhaled and nasal nitric oxideAnh-Tuan Dinh-Xuan, Graham Hall
TF-2017-04ERS Statement for the Interpretation of Nitric Oxide Uptake in the LungAnh-Tuan Dinh-Xuan,
Gerald Zavorsky
TF-2017-03Guidelines on management of severe community acquired pneumoniaAntoni Torres,
Ignacio Martin-Loeches

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