External events endorsement

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) endorses educational and scientific meetings that meet high standards of scientific quality.

Guidelines and application

If you are a national society in the respiratory field, located in a country where ERS has a Memorandum of Understanding agreement, and would like to gain official ERS endorsement for your flagship annual event, please carefully read our guidelines and complete the application for event endorsement:

Eligibility and suitability

Kindly note that the following criteria will be considered for the event:

  • Main, annual event organised by a national society in the respiratory field, based in a country where ERS has a Memorandum of Understanding agreement
  • Event delivered in the country of the national society
  • Programme is available in English
  • Programme is in line with ERS educational and scientific standards
  • Event does not compete with ERS activities
  • Involves international and European speakers
  • Involves ERS members or officers
  • There is a fair gender balance in the faculty
  • It is in line with the overall mission and values of ERS

Note: The ERS name and logo can only be used once the event has been endorsed. Please see the guidelines for more information.

Upcoming endorsed events

The programmes of these events have been endorsed by ERS.

09–12 May, 202310th Egyptian Congress of Pediatric Pulmonology (Alexandria, Egypt).
11–13 May, 20235th International Conference on Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy (Rome, Italy).
27–28 May, 2023Second National Congress on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sarcoidosis: Multidisciplinary Paradigms in Research, Diagnosis and Treatment (Siena, Italy).
26–30 August, 20232023 International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM) Congress (Saarbrücken, Germany).

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