Conference of European Respiratory Societies (CERS)

About CERS

CERS is a not-for-profit international organisation made up of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and partnered regional, national and specialist societies that have respiratory diseases as a primary interest. The main objective of CERS is to coordinate common objectives between these groups. CERS seeks to improve the standards in lung health care in Europe by:

  • Increasing awareness of respiratory health and disease
  • Raising awareness of patients’ needs
  • Raising awareness of research needs
  • Increasing funding for patient care, patient service and research
  • Co-ordinating approaches to the European Union (EU) and national governments
  • Improving medical education and accreditation
CERS commitments

In order to achieve its objectives, CERS is committed to:

  • Supporting national activities at EU level
  • Supporting EU activities at the national level
  • Seeking to influence the EU Public Health, Research, Environmental and other relevant agendas
  • Providing information and advice on EU initiatives through the ERS Brussels Office
  • Promoting and facilitating joint activities and interaction amongst regional/national/specialist respiratory societies in cooperation with ERS
  • Supporting the implementation of ERS Task Force recommendations and guidelines

Upcoming CERS meeting

Online and Vienna, Austria
  • Online CERS Spring Meeting: 10 April 2024 (from 14:00 CEST)
  • ERS Congress Vienna 2024: TBA

CERS membership

ERS partner societies

CERS is chaired by the ERS President. ERS partner societies are automatically enrolled as CERS members.

Membership of CERS is broken down into three groups:

  1. European regional/national/specialist societies with an ERS membership agreement. This group has full voting rights.
  2. Non-European regional/national/specialist societies with an ERS membership agreement. This group does not have voting rights.
  3. Elected observers. Territories which do not have a membership agreement with ERS through a national society can have an elected National Delegate as a CERS observer. These are elected by ERS members from the same territory. National Delegates do not have voting rights.

CERS Steering Committee

  • Swedish Lung Medicine Association, SLMF (representative Stephanie Mindus)
  • Italian Respiratory Society, SIP-IRS (representative Stefano Aliberti)
  • Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery, SEPAR (representative Juan Pablo de Torres Tajes)

National Delegates


Daniela Xhemalaj


Irina Khachatryan

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Besim Prnjavorac


Heru Wiyono


Yasuhiko Nishioka


Denis Vinnikov

Republic of Moldova

Oxana Munteanu


Abdourakhmane Niang


Jan Plutinsky


Dmytro Butov

United States of America

MeiLan K. Han


Mansoor Hameed

More information

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Additional queries

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