Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits

ERS applied for CME accreditation from the European Board for Accreditation in Pneumology (EBAP). EBAP has granted 40 CME credits to the ERS Congress 2023 with the Mark of Excellence.

Recognition of CME credits

For accredited activities, credits can be exchanged for their national equivalent by contacting your national CME authority. A record of your CME credit status will also be kept for future reference.

Receiving your CME credits

Up to a maximum of 40 CME credits can be accrued between live sessions and session replays. CME credits are awarded based on your attendance of live sessions taking place between 9–12 September, 2023. CME credits will be also awarded for sessions replays, based on your hourly consumption.

Please note that the Wednesday 13 September programme isn’t accredited. The Thoracic ultrasound training programme Part 3 – OSCE and the Part 2 of the adult and paediatric respiratory medicine academies are accredited separately.

Only registered participants will receive CME credits.

EBAP has granted 40 CME credits to the ERS Congress 2023 with the Mark of Excellence.

Mark of Excellence criteria:

  • Lifelong learning – the programme stimulates lifelong learning
  • Needs assessments – there are clear “learning gaps” which will be covered by the programme
  • Learning methods – learners are exposed to different types of learning methods
  • Outcomes measurements – offering creative, formative and summative assessments

From 20 September and after completion of the Congress evaluation survey – which is mandatory to receive CME credits – you will be able to download your CME certificate. Certificates of attendance and CME credits can be downloaded on your myERS account. All congress delegates will be given access to the platform to claim CME credits from 20 September until 30 December, 2023. Disclaimer: You cannot claim CME credits for attending sessions organised by industry nor thematic poster sessions.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.

The agent for Italian participants regarding AIFA requirements is:

AIM Group International – AIM Education S.r.l.
Cristina Ghidoli
Via G. Ripamonti, 129
20141 Milan, Italy
Tel. +39 02 56601.1
FAX +39 02-70048585


About the European Board for Accreditation in Pneumology (EBAP)


The ERS Congress programme is reviewed by EBAP each year to provide quality assurance and continuing medical education accreditation (CME) for the event.

EBAP is an independent entity that works to ensure the quality and independence of CME activities.

Download a factsheet on EBAP activities / download the EBAP Smart Guide to find out how you can get your events CME accredited by EBAP / visit the EBAP website


Mark of Excellence

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