Information for faculty, case submitters and abstract authors

Check below for the latest information and resources to help you to prepare for your role as faculty, a case submitter and / or abstract author.


Check what you are entitled to in your role as a speaker, chair, reviewer, abstract author or case submitter at congress.

Role in the Congress programmeMandatory to attend session?Congress registrationFinancial contribution for travel / accommodation in EUR (€)Honorarium in EUR (€) for presentations submitted with audio narration by 7 August, 2021 1 & 2
Chair (moderator) in moderated rooms

Includes: challenging clinical cases, oral presentations, language and joint sessions

Yes (live, online)FreeNo travel required0
Chair (moderator) in e-poster session, knowledge café and breakout roomYes (online discussion)FreeNo travel required0
Chair (moderator) in expert view sessionNoFreeNo travel required0
Studio Chair 3Yes (on site)FreeTravel and accommodation costs covered500
Speaker / DiscussantYes (live, online)FreeNo travel required150
Speaker in a pre-recorded sessionNoFreeNo travel required100
Speaker in Knowledge caféYes (online discussion)FreeNo travel required0
Abstract reviewer / Case reviewerNo50% discount to register for the whole Congress  4 & 5No travel required0
Abstract author / Case presenter

Includes: Abstracts in oral presentations, or case presentations in challenging clinical case sessions

Yes (live, online)Registration requiredNo travel requiredNo travel required
Abstract author: abstracts in e-poster sessionYes (online discussion)Registration requiredNo travel requiredNo travel required
Case author

Includes: cases in lungs on fire sessions 6

Yes (live, chat)Registration requiredNo travel requiredNo travel required


1 Faculty members who are entitled to this financial contribution will have the option to accept the financial incentive or, alternatively, they can choose to donate the contribution to one of the initiatives that we care very much for as a Society.

2 Honorarium will be offered only to speakers / discussants who upload their presentation(s) by the deadline on 7 August, 2021.

3 Studio Chairs are kindly asked to moderate several sessions allocated in the morning or afternoon slots. This role will require travel to a constructed production studio.

4 50% discount based on the registration fee available at the time of the registration and based on the category the faculty member belongs to.

5 Abstract and case reviewers up to 40 years of age will be offered a free registration.

6 Authors and co-authors of accepted cases in Lungs on fire sessions are asked to participate in the session and, if needed, answer via the Q&A function any questions the expert panel may have regarding their case, and interact with the participants in a breakout room after the session. All cases included in Lungs on fire sessions are presented by a discussant.

Important notes

  • ERS financial contributions cannot be cumulated.


Access useful information to prepare for your role as a speaker, chair, reviewer, abstract author or case submitter at congress.

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Scientific and educational programme sessions

SpeakersChairs (moderators)
Spoken session (online)Chair in a moderated channel
Pre-congress sessionStudio chair
Expert view
Skills labs

Case-based sessions

Lungs on fire*Challenging clinical cases*Grand round
DiscussantCase presenterSpeaker
* General instructions-guidelines for clinical case submitters-presenters

Abstract sessions

Clinical trials session: ALERTePoster
Oral presentation

General instructions for abstract authors


View and download templates for speaker and abstract presentations at congress.

Oral presentations and slides

Posters and e-posters