MEP Lung Health Group

The MEP Lung Health Group is an informal platform for policymakers, health professionals and patients to identify the potential EU policy measures aimed at improving lung health.

The secretariat of the group is supported by the European Respiratory Society and the European Lung Foundation.

Group members

Tomislav Sokol, Co-Chair   - profile image
Tomislav Sokol, Co-Chair
EPP, Croatia

István Ujhelyi, Co-Chair - profile image
István Ujhelyi, Co-Chair
S&D, Hungary

Željana Zovko - profile image
Željana Zovko
EPP, Croatia

Nicolás González Casares - profile image
Nicolás González Casares
S&D, Spain

Marian-Jean Marinescu - profile image
Marian-Jean Marinescu
EPP, Romania

Dolors Montserrat - profile image
Dolors Montserrat
EPP, Spain

Gianna Gancia - profile image
Gianna Gancia
ID, Italy

Ondřej Knotek - profile image
Ondřej Knotek
Renew, Czech Republic

Sara Cerdas - profile image
Sara Cerdas
S&D, Portugal

Marisa Matias - profile image
Marisa Matias
GUE-NGL, Portugal

Maria Da Graça Carvalho - profile image
Maria Da Graça Carvalho
EPP, Portugal

Seán Kelly - profile image
Seán Kelly
EPP, Ireland

Tudor Ciuhodaru - profile image
Tudor Ciuhodaru
S&D, Romania

Alexis Georgoulis - profile image
Alexis Georgoulis
GUE-NGL, Greece

Maria Arena - profile image
Maria Arena
S&D, Belgium

Jutta Paulus - profile image
Jutta Paulus
Greens, Germany

Pietro Fiocchi - profile image
Pietro Fiocchi
ECR, Italy

Frances Fitzgerald - profile image
Frances Fitzgerald
EPP, Ireland

Cyrus Engerer - profile image
Cyrus Engerer
S&D, Malta

Romana Jerković - profile image
Romana Jerković
S&D, Croatia

Alessandra Moretti - profile image
Alessandra Moretti
S&D, Italy

Aldo Patriciello - profile image
Aldo Patriciello
EPP, Italy

Tilly Metz - profile image
Tilly Metz
Greens, Luxembourg

Juozas Olekas - profile image
Juozas Olekas
S&D, Lithuania

Sirpa Pietikäinen - profile image
Sirpa Pietikäinen
EPP, Finland

Patrizia Toia - profile image
Patrizia Toia
S&D, Italy

José Manuel Fernandes  - profile image
José Manuel Fernandes
EPP, Portugal

Michael Bloss - profile image
Michael Bloss
Greens, Germany

Stelios Kympouropoulos - profile image
Stelios Kympouropoulos
EPP, Greece

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