Certified training programmes

Why choose an ERS training programme?

In clinical care, the success of procedures often depends on the individual skill level of the health professional. European Respiratory Society (ERS) certified training programmes address this need by offering a structured approach for acquiring knowledge and clinical skills or improving technique.

There are currently four certified training programmes available. Successful completion of each programme awards the participant with recognised certification of their knowledge and expertise in the applicable clinical area, enabling participants to enhance their care in real-world settings and improve patient outcomes.

What training programmes does ERS offer?

Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)

This three-part programme aims to teach qualified doctors to independently and competently perform EBUS. Part one of the programme covers the theoretical knowledge that is required for EBUS, part two focuses on clinical and simulation training, and part three provides supervised training. The programme should be completed within two years.

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Respiratory sleep

This two-part programme aims to train health professionals at post-specialty or postgraduate level in respiratory sleep medicine. The programme addresses five essential areas of respiratory sleep medicine, including obstructive sleep apnoea, central sleep apnoea, hypoventilation syndromes, CPAP and NIV, and diagnostic techniques. The programme should be completed within one year.

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Thoracic ultrasound

The programme aims to train qualified doctors to independently perform thoracic ultrasound in order to diagnose and treat patients with lung diseases. The hands-on training is based on the individual participants’ experience, therefore beginners as well as more experienced physicians are welcome to attend. The programme should be completed within two years.

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