ERS Education Council

The Education Council leads on the educational output of ERS. Education is one of the key pillars of the Society.


The ERS Education Council promotes/supports training and continuous medical education in respiratory medicine. ERS educational activities include curriculum development, courses, online learning, assessments and publications.

  • Ensure ERS provides the most effective and desirable learning opportunities.
  • Support the ERS membership in their educational needs.
  • Make education accessible to respiratory healthcare professionals.
  • Support a common, high standard of knowledge amongst respiratory specialists and trainees within Europe, and wider where requested.

Council members

Richard Costello - profile image
Richard Costello
Education Council Chair

Declaration of Interests

Declaration of Interests of

Annual Declaration of Interest 2021-2022

1 - Personal interests

Regular Paid Consultancy Work


Personal Benefits


Personal Travel Grants or expenses for conferences etc.


Shares in any Relevant Companies (excluding mutual funds)


2 - Non-Personal interests


3 - Other Interests that may be seen as potential conflicts


4 - Tobacco-Industry related Conflicts of Interests

No. I declare that I have not been full or part time employee of, paid consultant or advisor to /received a grant from the tobacco industry at any time after 1.1.2000, for any project or programme.

*Funds Code Legend
less than € 1'000€ 1001 - € 5'000€ 5'001 - € 20'000more than € 20'000
Hilary Pinnock - profile image
Hilary Pinnock
Education Council Chair Elect

Giovanni Sotgiu - profile image
Giovanni Sotgiu
Curriculum Development Director

Pierantonio Laveneziana - profile image
Pierantonio Laveneziana
Educational Programmes director

Emer Kelly - profile image
Emer Kelly
e-learning Director

Frans De Jongh - profile image
Frans De Jongh
Assessments Director

Brian Kent - profile image
Brian Kent
Breathe Chief Editor

John Hurst - profile image
John Hurst
ERS Monograph Chief Editor

Thomas Gille - profile image
Thomas Gille
Early Career Members Committee Co-Chair

Sören Huwendiek - profile image
Sören Huwendiek
Education Advisor

Janet Grant - profile image
Janet Grant
Education Advisor

Lars Konge - profile image
Lars Konge
Professor and ERS medical education advisor, Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation and University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Stylianos Loukides - profile image
Stylianos Loukides

Stylianos Loukides has been working as a professor at the University of Athens in a large University hospital for the last 17 years. He tries to combine on a daily basis either clinical practice or/and training. It is often difficult but at the same time it is a constant challenge from which only positive elements can be drawn.

His educational involvement with ERS started from the level of the groups where he began to understand how important the educational process is for the society.

Of course, the big challenge was the 3 years of e-learning where in early 2020 he realized the importance of this educational approach. The pandemic radically changed education and essentially provided new possibilities that may have been otherwise underestimated.

Facing such scientific challenges creates anxiety but at the same time places us in a process where a multiple collaboration leads you positively and enables you to do what is called the ‘’continuous production of ideas’’. Education is not a simple process. Education is a multidimensional process where assessment and productivity have an important and simultaneously unique role.

All ERS Assembly Secretaries are also members of the Education Council.