ERS Education Council

The Education Council leads on the educational output of ERS. Education is one of the key pillars of the Society.


The ERS Education Council promotes/supports training and continuous medical education in respiratory medicine. ERS educational activities include curriculum development, courses, online learning, assessments and publications.

  • Ensure ERS provides the most effective and desirable learning opportunities.
  • Support the ERS membership in their educational needs.
  • Make education accessible to respiratory healthcare professionals.
  • Support a common, high standard of knowledge amongst respiratory specialists and trainees within Europe, and wider where requested.

Council members

Richard Costello - profile image
Richard Costello
Education Council Chair

Declaration of Interests

Declaration of Interests of

1 - Personal interests

Regular Paid Consultancy Work


Personal Benefits


Personal Travel Grants or expenses for conferences etc.


Shares in any Relevant Companies (excluding mutual funds)


2 - Non-Personal interests


3 - Other Interests that may be seen as potential conflicts


4 - Tobacco-Industry related Conflicts of Interests

No. I declare that I have not been full or part time employee of, paid consultant or advisor to /received a grant from the tobacco industry at any time after 1.1.2000, for any project or programme.

*Funds Code Legend
less than € 1'000€ 1001 - € 5'000€ 5'001 - € 20'000more than € 20'000
Hilary Pinnock - profile image
Hilary Pinnock
Education Council Chair Elect

Giovanni Sotgiu - profile image
Giovanni Sotgiu
Curriculum Development Director

Pierantonio Laveneziana - profile image
Pierantonio Laveneziana
Educational Programmes director

Emer Kelly - profile image
Emer Kelly
e-learning Director

Frans De Jongh - profile image
Frans De Jongh
Assessments Director

Brian Kent - profile image
Brian Kent
Breathe Chief Editor

Peter M. A. Calverley - profile image
Peter M. A. Calverley
ERS Monograph Chief Editor

Thomas Gille - profile image
Thomas Gille
Early Career Members Committee Co-Chair

Sören Huwendiek - profile image
Sören Huwendiek
Education Advisor

Janet Grant - profile image
Janet Grant
Education Advisor

Lars Konge - profile image
Lars Konge
Professor and ERS medical education advisor, Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation and University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Stylianos Loukides - profile image
Stylianos Loukides
Educational Programmes director Elect

All ERS Assembly Secretaries are also members of the Education Council.