Assembly Secretaries

Ioannis Vogiatzis - profile image
Ioannis Vogiatzis
Respiratory clinical care and physiology

Marcus Schultz - profile image
Marcus Schultz
Respiratory intensive care

Silke Meiners - profile image
Silke Meiners
Basic and translational sciences

Apostolos Bossios - profile image
Apostolos Bossios
Airway Diseases, Asthma, COPD and Chronic Cough

Ane Johannessen - profile image
Ane Johannessen
Epidemiology and environment

Alexander Möller - profile image
Alexander Möller

Federica Meloni - profile image
Federica Meloni
Thoracic surgery and transplantation

Daniel Langer - profile image
Daniel Langer
Allied respiratory professionals

Raquel Duarte - profile image
Raquel Duarte
Respiratory Infections

Torsten Gerriet Blum - profile image
Torsten Gerriet Blum
Thoracic Oncology

Katerina Antoniou - profile image
Katerina Antoniou
Interstitial Lung Diseases

Anton Vonk Noordegraaf - profile image
Anton Vonk Noordegraaf
Pulmonary vascular diseases

Sophia Schiza - profile image
Sophia Schiza
Sleep disordered breathing

Walter de Wever - profile image
Walter de Wever
Clinical techniques, imaging and endoscopy