ERS Assembly 8: Thoracic surgery and transplantation

Assembly 8 includes physicians and surgeons with an extraordinary knowledge of the state-of-the-art in the field of lung transplantation and thoracic surgery. Its Groups are strongly engaged in collaborative work with the other scientific Assemblies, focusing on surgical options for the treatment of lung diseases. The Assembly is comprised of the following two Groups:
  • Thoracic surgery

    Group 08.01
    Chair: Giuseppe Cardillo
    Secretary: Veronica Manolache

    The members of this Group include surgeons who have a special interest in an interdisciplinary approach towards various thoracic pathologies eventually requiring surgical intervention in terms of a diagnostic or a therapeutic procedure, such as pleuropulmonary or mediastinal infections, malignancies, trauma or other benign diseases of the lung, pleura or mediastinum.

    Our main aim is to encourage interaction, during ERS meetings, between surgeons and physicians engaged in the same field of research or clinical activity. In this respect, the Group focuses on the possibilities of interdisciplinary and interactive sessions during the annual ERS Congress in order to create a culture of interdisciplinarity between surgical and non-surgical members of the Society. Our Group is also open to any initiatives which strengthen professional relationships between Group members not only during congress, but also outside of congress activities.

  • Transplantation

    Group 08.02
    Chair: Michael Perch
    Secretary: Peter Jaksch

    The members of this Group include pulmonologists/respiratory specialists who have a particular interest in lung transplantation. It is a Group strongly engaged in collaborative working to better understand the risk factors, mechanisms and treatment options for lung transplant recipients who develop chronic lung allograft dysfunction affecting their post-transplant survival and causing post-transplant morbidity.

    To reach these aims, this Group focuses on high quality symposia during the annual ERS Congress, it is publishing monographs on lung transplantation, it already delivered three very successful transplant ERS school courses and it also organised several meet-the-professor sessions.

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