ERS Assembly 6: Epidemiology and environment

This is an interdisciplinary Assembly, which includes not only pulmonologists, but also epidemiologists, clinicians, statisticians, occupational doctors, air pollution scientists and health educators. Smoking and the environment are important issues for respiratory disease and this Assembly is involved in many activities to promote public awareness and scientific research in the field. Members of the Assembly welcome collaboration with other Assemblies to work on common programmes. The Assembly is comprised of the following three Groups:
  • Epidemiology

    Group 06.01
    Chair: Om Prakash Kurmi
    Secretary: Vanessa Garcia-Larsen

    Our Group consists of approximately 100 members from 26 countries. The members comprise of epidemiologists, clinicians with respiratory epidemiology as their main research interest, and statisticians. Over the years, many of the members have established good contacts and are involved in various research activities, such as cross-sectional studies, longitudinal surveys and large controlled trials.

  • Occupational and environmental health

    Group 06.02
    Chair: Sara De Matteis
    Secretary: Orianne Dumas

    This Group comprises of several hundred members representing most European countries. The members are mainly pulmonary physicians, but are also specialists in occupational medicine, allergists and epidemiologists.

    Our Group works closely with the Group 06.01 and Assembly 1, and we arrange several postgraduate courses and symposia during the annual ERS Congress. Our main interests include: pneumoconiosis, occupational cancers, asthma and COPD. Currently we are focusing on the effects of occupational and environmental exposures on respiratory health, specifically on elucidating the mechanisms for air pollution-induced airway inflammation, as well as performing risk assessments. New statistical approaches on asthma and COPD in cohort studies have been developed. Our Group also wishes to improve the training of pulmonary physicians in the occupational aspects of respiratory disease.

  • Tobacco, smoking control and health education

    Group 06.03
    Chair: Stamatoula Tsikrika
    Secretary: H. Volkan Kara

    Our main objectives for the next years will be as follows:

    • to promote a proactive role of all European respiratory physicians in tobacco control activities ( smoke-free policies, smoking prevention programs in youngsters, tobacco control legislation at national level, smoking cessation strategies);
    • to work together with other ERS groups and bodies in order to integrate smoking status assessment and smoking cessation therapy into current management of patients' respiratory condition;
    • to increase smoking cessation knowledge and skills among all chest physicians, by promoting best standards and harmonized education across Europe in the field of smoking cessation;
    • to facilitate research towards investigation of respiratory disorders smokers’ characteristics and new treatments to quit smoking;
    • to provide upon request educational resources to other allied health professionals willing to get involved in assistance of different categories of smokers;
    • and to try developing internet-based smoking cessation programmes.

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