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Respiratory Matters is a monthly ERS blog offering insight into the experiences of respiratory-focused professionals worldwide. It is written by ERS officers and members across all specialties, offering clinical, scientific and allied healthcare professional perspectives.

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ERS Vision is ERS’s open access video documentary series which tackles the key topics in respiratory health with discussion from leaders in the field of respiratory medicine and healthcare.

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Access the latest CME module: IPF early diagnosis and management

13 December, 2017

The latest CME online module, ‘IPF early diagnosis and management’ is now available.

Ambient air pollution exposures are associated with subclinical interstitial lung disease

11 December, 2017

Higher exposure to ambient air pollution is associated with an increased risk of developing interstitial lung abnormalities (ILAs) and a greater…

ERS President Dr Mina Gaga calls for your input on the trends in your field to influence the upcoming ERS strategic plan

30 November, 2017

"My year of presidency at ERS coincides with an important stage for our Society; one where we begin a new strategic plan to guide our…

New ERS statement on diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary disease in alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

30 November, 2017

A multi-disciplinary task force of respiratory experts has published a new statement document to guide best practice in the diagnosis and…

New CME online module: How to identify types of overlap in asthma and COPD

29 November, 2017

The latest CME online module, ‘How to identify types of overlap in asthma and COPD’ is now available.

World AIDS Day 2017

29 November, 2017

In recognition of World AIDS Day, held annually on 1 December, the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) is calling on governments,…

Members: apply for Task Force funding to support the continued publication of official guidelines

28 November, 2017

We are now accepting applications from ERS members for Task Force funding – specifically those proposing to develop new Clinical Practice…

Four tests could help GPs spot pneumonia and reduce unnecessary antibiotics

23 November, 2017

Testing for fever, high pulse rate, crackly breath sounds, and low oxygen levels could be key to helping GPs distinguish pneumonia from less…

Persistent DSAs are associated with a higher incidence of allograft dysfunction and mortality

16 November, 2017

Lung transplant patients with persistent donor-specific antibodies (DSAs) may be more likely to develop restrictive chronic lung allograft…

Changes in lung function of CF infants could be reversible during early life

10 November, 2017

Abnormalities in the lung function of infants with cystic fibrosis (CF) that are observed in the first two years of life are reportedly mild and…

Apply now for an ERS Long-Term Research Fellowship 2018

9 November, 2017

Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 ERS Long-Term Research Fellowships (LTRF). The application deadline is 14 January 2018.

Register now for the Lung Science Conference 2018

9 March, 2018

On 8–11 March we will return to Estoril, Portugal for the 16th ERS Lung Science Conference: Cell-matrix interactions in lung disease and…

World Pneumonia Day 2017

13 November, 2017

In support of World Pneumonia Day, 12 November, the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS), of which the European Respiratory…

Researchers develop algorithm that is able to identify clinically relevant COPD phenotypes

2 November, 2017

Researchers have developed an algorithm that groups patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) into clinically relevant…

New CME Online module: Diagnosis and management of COPD

1 November, 2017

The latest CME online module, ‘Diagnosis and management of COPD according to COPD GOLD 2017’ is now available.

November: Worldwide respiratory news

1 November, 2017

Lungs on the road in alpine Austria…

Exposure to occupational carcinogens affects the molecular pattern of lung cancers in never-smokers

26 October, 2017

Occupational exposure to carcinogens may affect the molecular pattern of lung cancers in never-smokers, according to a new study published in the…

ERS Vice President announced after second round of voting

23 October, 2017

It is with great pleasure that we announce the incoming ERS Vice President 2017-2018 following a second round of voting by ERS members.…

Major Lancet report links 9 million global deaths per year to pollution

20 October, 2017

Around 9 million – or one in six – premature deaths worldwide are caused by pollution each year, according to a landmark report by The…

PAH-targeted therapy improves short-term pulmonary haemodynamics

19 October, 2017

A large cohort study of patients with sarcoidosis-associated pulmonary hypertension (S-APH) has revealed that pulmonary arterial hypertension…

European Environment Agency report warns air pollution is still a major health risk in Europe

12 October, 2017

A new report by the European Environment Agency (EEA) has warned that people living in European cities are being exposed to high concentrations…

Childhood and adulthood exposure to passive smoking associated with increased risk of lung cancer

12 October, 2017

Reported exposure to passive smoking in childhood and adulthood has been found to be associated with a 50–52% increased risk of developing lung…

Lung function data repository: improving the diagnosis and management of lung disease worldwide

2 October, 2017

A lung function data repository has been established to aid the diagnosis of lung disease. Data collected from healthy individuals worldwide are…

Having an older sibling poses risk of serious flu for babies and toddlers

28 September, 2017

Children under two years are more likely to be admitted to hospital with influenza if they have an older sister or brother, according to research…

ERS Vice-President Elections go to second and final round of voting

25 September, 2017

Following close results from the first round of elections, a second and final round is now open to decide who will become the new ERS Vice…
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