Introducing the Bronchiectasis Toolbox

Professor Peter Gibson, President of the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ).

21 December, 2016

As part of the TSANZ remit to improve health care for people with respiratory illness, I would like to introduce the Bronchiectasis Toolbox, in the hope that it will be of interest to global readers of Respiratory Worldwide.

Based on national and international guidelines, the Bronchiectasis Toolbox was developed by a group of TSANZ members in Australia and New Zealand who all have extensive experience in managing people with bronchiectasis. Under six sub-headings, the Toolbox is easily navigated to find up-to-date, evidence-based information on various topics including diagnosis, assessment/review, medical management, physiotherapy strategies, pharmacology, lung function and co-morbidities.

Importantly, it includes an Indigenous section which provides information on cultural awareness and culturally appropriate resources for the Maori and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. This information is supported by the message ‘Strong Lungs’.

Although designed for health professionals (including students), clinicians can direct their patients to the resources section of the website, which includes videos of a large range of airway clearance treatment techniques, nebuliser therapy, use of medications, and information on the purchasing of equipment.

For clinicians, there are links to patient-related handouts specific to airway clearance techniques (available in a combination of languages), examples of assessment tools and action plans and further details about current research in bronchiectasis occurring locally and internationally.

This website remains a 'live' document, with planned updates for the content material and resources on a regular basis. Launched in December 2015, it has already received over 27,000 hits and was presented at the inaugural World Bronchiectasis Conference, held in July 2016 in Hanover.

This collaborative project has received support from the Australian Physiotherapy Association (Pat Cosh Trust), Institute for Breathing and Sleep, PariGermany, Technipro Pulmomed, AstraZenica Australia and Smiths Medical.

We hope professionals across the world will find this a useful resource and invite you to visit the website.

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