Latest Respipedia update improves usability and access to site

9 June, 2017

We have made some important changes to Respipedia, our respiratory medicine wiki.

The changes, which are designed to improve usability for readers, authors and contributors, have been applied in response to valuable feedback from the ERS Educational Council and current site users.

What has changed?

  • Respipedia articles are now accessible to all people and not just ERS members. This will greatly increase the potential reach of submitted articles and open up this useful tool to a wider part of the respiratory community. New users simply have to create an account via myERS to access the site. Note: only ERS members can publish or contribute to a published article.
  • The process for publishing your articles on the site is much quicker. We have removed the requirement that all articles need to be fully reviewed in advance of first publication. You can publish your article quickly so that it can be viewed, reviewed and subsequently edited, corrected or enriched by the ERS respiratory community, in keeping with other wiki sites.
  • We have made it easier for ERS members to edit published articles. All articles are now broken down into sections which can be edited separately. This means that multiple people can now work on one article at the same time.
  • We have improved the way we keep people informed about new Respipedia articles. Instead of receiving an update each time an article is added, we now send a weekly round-up including new content and messages in the forum. You can subscribe to this feature from the Respipedia home page.

We thank all ERS members who have contributed to the Respipedia site to date, and encourage many more respiratory professionals to contribute to this excellent tool for the respiratory community.