ERS President Dr Mina Gaga calls for your input on the trends in your field to influence the upcoming ERS strategic plan

30 November, 2017

"My year of presidency at ERS coincides with an important stage for our Society; one where we begin a new strategic plan to guide our developments and goals, moving forward.

“The ERS strategic planning for 2018-2025 is just starting and, as a member-focused Society, input from our members and all our stakeholders is essential. So, we currently have an open survey, which I would like to ask you all to participate in. It is designed to gather opinions on important emerging trends in the respiratory field as well as the impact such trends may have on our Society, our members, patients, or the respiratory health sector in general. This an opportunity for you to input into the future of the ERS.

“By trends, we mean what is important in your area and what changes are occurring that we need to be aware of. Examples could be the need to better treat people with comorbidities, the development of digital health or financial constraints.

“The information that you provide as part of the survey will help us form a clearer picture of what trends are high on the agenda for our community and what we need to do to address them. This will feed directly into our plan and help us get better.”

Access the survey