Conference of European Respiratory Societies

About CERS

The Conference of European Respiratory Societies (CERS) is a not-for-profit international organisation.

The objectives of CERS are to co-ordinate the common activities of Regional Respiratory Societies, National Respiratory Societies and Specialist Societies with the European Respiratory Society (ERS) along side the CERS National Delegates.

In addition, CERS seeks to improve the standards of care of lung health in Europe by:

  • Increasing awareness of respiratory health and disease
  • Raising awareness of patients’ needs
  • Raising awareness of research needs
  • Increasing funding for patient care, patient service and research
  • Co-ordinating approaches to the European Union (EU) and National Governments
  • Improving medical education and accreditation

CERS mission

In order to achieve its objectives, CERS is committed to:

  • Support national activities at the EU level
  • Support EU activities at the national level
  • Seek to influence the EU Public Health, Research, Environmental and other relevant agendas
  • Provide information and advice on EU initiatives through the ERS Brussels Office
  • Promote and facilitate joint activities and interaction amongst Regional Respiratory Societies, National Respiratory Societies and Specialist Societies, in cooperation with ERS.
  • Support the implementation of Task Force recommendations and guidelines

CERS membership

Membership of CERS is open to Regional, National, and Specialist Societies which have respiratory diseases as their primary interest.

European National Respiratory Societies and European Specialist Societies are members with voting rights. The Respiratory and Specialist Societies of countries outside of Europe are members without voting rights. National Respiratory Societies and territories where ERS does not have a membership-based agreement, ERS members within that territory may elect a National Delegate as an observer to CERS.

CERS is composed of member societies and is chaired by the ERS President. CERS convenes two times a year, once in the spring and again during the ERS congress in the fall.

CERS Constitution

CERS Constitution (adopted in September 2019)

Upcoming meeting

  • CERS meeting: online (date and time to be confirmed)

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