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ERS is a world leading medical organisation working to promote lung health and combat lung diseases.

Benefits of ERS membership

Your membership entitles you to a range of benefits across our core areas of activity: science, education and advocacy.


  • Discounted access to the European Respiratory Society International Congress – the largest respiratory meeting in the world
  • Online access to a range of publications covering the spectrum of respiratory topics
  • Funding opportunities for research and attendance at conferences
  • Opportunity to apply for the prestigious title Fellow of ERS (FERS)


  • Free online educational material to enhance your learning
  • Reduced rates for training courses to network and learn from experts in the field
  • Access to harmonised qualifications through the HERMES initiative


  • Opportunities to shape public health policies
  • Access to a patient network to incorporate the patient voice in your work and patient resources to use in your clinic

ERS Assemblies

When you become a member of ERS you will be asked to join three Groups from the Scientific Assemblies. These Groups are the foundations of the Society and set the scientific and educational agenda across all activities. They also serve as a forum to present and discuss new concepts and findings, particularly at the ERS International Congress. Find out more about the Scientific Assemblies.


The myERS portal is an online space where you can access your membership benefits including managing your publications, registering for ERS events and conferences and getting your CME and attendance credits. If you are a new member, you can also register here by completing the online application process.

Membership categories and fees

ERS membership is offered in the following categories:

ERS membership in association with a national or regional society

If your national or regional respiratory society has a joint agreement with ERS, you will have the option to become a member of ERS. A unique ERS membership category applies for members who do not wish to be a part of the joint agreement with their national/regional societies. Please complete the online application process through your myERS account.

ERS membership not in association with a national or regional society

if your national/regional society isn’t yet part of the joint agreement with ERS, you can still join ERS directly. ERS offers different membership categories based on age, country of residence and professional activity. Please complete the online application process through your MyERS account.

Joint membership agreement

list of National and Regional societies

Gold categories

Category Membership fee
Gold 170 EUR/year
Gold Dual *( dual membership with ATS/APSR/EAACI/ESTS/ISAM) 145 EUR/year
Gold online - GDP between USD 10,000 and 20,000 85 EUR/year
Gold online – GDP < 10,000 USD 50 EUR/year
Gold Senior (over 68 years) 70 EUR/year

Silver categories

Category Membership fee
Scientist 70 EUR/year
Allied Health Professional 70 EUR/year
Under 40 *( under 40 years old - category not applicable for membership with National/Regional societies ) Free of charge

Joint membership with National/Regional Society

Category Membership fee
Joint membership with National/Regional Society (*Affiliated societies only) 20 EUR/year


What benefits do I get from joining ERS through a national society?

If you join ERS through your national society, you will receive the full benefits of being an ERS member, including unrestricted access to ERS publications, webcasts, scientific content, and discounts to conferences and events.

If I’m already a member of ERS, do I need to cancel my existing membership?

No. Your membership data will be automatically updated and your ERS membership fees will be included in the national society’s membership fee.

If I’m already a member of ERS, will I need new login details to access ERS material?

No. Your previous existing login details will remain the same.

Do I have to pay for the new membership?

In most of the cases you will not have to pay anything extra to your current national society’s membership fee. The reduced ERS membership fee of €20 will be included in the benefits package of the national society.

Some national societies might charge an equivalent incremental fee according to the provisions of their constitution and bylaws.

How will my current membership with my National Society change?

You will have access to ERS membership benefits in addition to unchanged access to your national society’s membership benefits. You will also have access to exclusive joint benefits.

I am not a member of my national society, can I still be a member of ERS?

You can become a member of ERS by applying directly. However, if you are eligible, you will need to become a member of your national society to benefit from the reduced ERS membership fees. Please note that by choosing not to be a member of any of your national/regional societies, a unique ERS membership category applies. The annual fee will depend on your eligibility to join one of your national/regional societies. Please complete the online application process through your myERS account.

I am a member of a national society outside of Europe, will my society still be eligible?

Yes. All national societies worldwide will be eligible for the new ERS membership programme. In most cases national societies outside Europe will be incorporated with endorsement and in agreement with the corresponding regional society.

I am a member of my national society, but do not want to be a member of ERS. Can I opt out?

Yes, you can. An opt-out system will be included when you are informed about the new ERS membership programme by your national society.

Who should I contact for more information about the new Membership programme?

If your national society has already decided to be part of the scheme you can contact them directly for more information. If your society is not part of the scheme, you can contact ERS directly to find out if your country is in discussions with ERS about the new programme:

For further details regarding ERS membership, please contact us at