ERS Ethics and Integrity Committee

The Ethics and Integrity Committee advises ERS on ethical matters pertaining to the scientific and professional integrity of Society members, its employees and its subcontractors. Its activities relate to investigating and resolving cases of non-compliance or violation of ERS.

Committee members

Martin Kolb - profile image
Martin Kolb

Anita Simonds - profile image
Anita Simonds

Isabella Annesi-Maesano - profile image
Isabella Annesi-Maesano

Maxime Patout - profile image
Maxime Patout

Maria Bonsignore - profile image
Maria Bonsignore

Anna Domaradzka - profile image
Anna Domaradzka
External ethics expert

Judith Garcia Aymerich  - profile image
Judith Garcia Aymerich
ERS Secretary General and Observer of the Ethics and Integrity Committee

Valérie Vaccaro  - profile image
Valérie Vaccaro
Staff Representative