Early Career Members Committee

Early-career members (ECM) are represented throughout ERS by the Early Career Member Committee (ECMC). Both groups are comprised of members under the age of 40.


ERS has a significant number of ECMs and is committed to supporting them to reach their potential by providing opportunities that are tailored to the needs of professionals at the start of their career. These activities are guided by the important contributions of the ECMC.

  • To support ECMs to fully utilise the opportunities provided by ERS.
  • To ensure that ERS provides suitable and desirable opportunities.
  • To increase ECM involvement in the full range of ERS activities.
  • To ensure that ECM are well-represented in ERS committees, councils and assemblies.
  • To support ECMs to flourish within ERS and apply for leadership roles.

Committee members

Lowie G.W. Vanfleteren - profile image
Lowie G.W. Vanfleteren
Assembly 1

Maxime Patout - profile image
Maxime Patout
Assembly 2

Niki Ubags - profile image
Niki Ubags
Chair of the ECM Committee Assembly 3

Declaration of Interests

Declaration of Interests of Niki Ubags

Annual Declaration of Interest 2020-2021

1 - Personal interests

Regular Paid Consultancy Work


Personal Benefits


Personal Travel Grants or expenses for conferences etc.


Shares in any Relevant Companies (excluding mutual funds)


2 - Non-Personal interests


3 - Other Interests that may be seen as potential conflicts


4 - Tobacco-Industry related Conflicts of Interests

No. I declare that I have not been full or part time employee of, paid consultant or advisor to /received a grant from the tobacco industry at any time after 1.1.2000, for any project or programme.

*Funds Code Legend
less than € 1'000€ 1001 - € 5'000€ 5'001 - € 20'000more than € 20'000
Matteo Bradicich - profile image
Matteo Bradicich
Assembly 4

Carolina Gotera - profile image
Carolina Gotera
Assembly 5

Orianne Dumas - profile image
Orianne Dumas
Assembly 6

Cristina Ardura-Garcia - profile image
Cristina Ardura-Garcia
Assembly 7

Merel E. Hellemons - profile image
Merel E. Hellemons
Assembly 8

Joana Patricia Dos Santos Cruz - profile image
Joana Patricia Dos Santos Cruz
Assembly 9

Cristina Calarasu - profile image
Cristina Calarasu
Assembly 10

Adrien Costantin - profile image
Adrien Costantin
Assembly 11

Tiago Alfaro - profile image
Tiago Alfaro
Assembly 12

Sheila Ramjug - profile image
Sheila Ramjug
Assembly 13

Daniela Gompelmann - profile image
Daniela Gompelmann
Assembly 14