ERS Assembly 3: Basic and translational sciences

Assembly 3 provides a platform for interaction between basic scientists and practicing clinicians interested in the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in healthy and diseased lungs. The Assembly is also responsible for tracking scientific developments that easily translate into better diagnostic technologies or enhanced patient care. The Assembly is comprised of the following three Groups:
  • Molecular pathology and functional genomics

    Group 03.01
    Chair: Arnaud Mailleux
    Secretary: Audrey Joannes

    The objectives of this Group are to make progress in the understanding of various mechanisms involved in lung biology (including lung development) and lung pathophysiology. Its organisation is dedicated to bringing together basic research and clinical investigation.

    Its aim is to provide new developments at the cellular and molecular levels and new approaches for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases.

  • Airway cell biology and immunopathology

    Group 03.02
    Chair: Suzanne Cloonan
    Secretary: Anne M. van der Does

    This Group offers a platform for scientists studying the cell and molecular biology of the respiratory tract in health, disease and development. A major focus of our Group includes understanding airway epithelial and inflammatory cells and the roles they play in innate host defence.

    There is a special emphasis on mechanisms related to intracellular function (cell signalling, gene expression) and cell secretion (cytokines, antimicrobial peptides, oxidants and proteases) and how these become altered in disease processes. The overarching goal of our research efforts is to decrease morbidity and mortality associated with respiratory disorders.

  • Mechanisms of lung injury and repair

    Group 03.03
    Chair: Nahal Mansouri
    Secretary: Niki Ubags

    The lung injury section of this Assembly brings together members who are interested in the cellular and molecular basis of injury to the lungs and new approaches to treatment for lung injury.

    Its members are interested in the mechanisms of disease related to acute lung injury (e.g. ARDS), fibrotic reactions, injury created by host-pathogen interactions, drug-induced lung injury and other mechanisms of acute and chronic lung injury, and this Group includes clinicians, clinician/investigators and basic scientists who share these common interests.

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