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Brief Overview

RespiHub is a multi-disciplinary science core housing several individual laboratories at the University of Cyprus. The scientific alliance of RespiHub aims to promote excellence of research in the area of respiratory medicine and biomechanics. Focus areas include human respiratory physiology, pathology and function, chronic and acute respiratory diseases, drug delivery to the lungs and the interaction between neurophysiological disorders and respiratory function during sleep. RespiHub is truly multidisciplinary in the sense that it brings together research teams from the Schools of Medicine, Engineering and Pure and Applied Sciences at the University of Cyprus.

Research Areas

Asthma\COPD\Genetics\Paediatrics\Sleep disorders

Host center eligibility

Global fellowships (return phase only)\ European fellowships

Research infrastructure/facilities

RespiHub’s joint infrastructure includes a dedicated state-of-the-art High Performance Computing (HPC) facility with over 2000 cores, chest CT-Scan segmentation software, lung function testing equipment (spirometry, whole body plethysmography, multiple breath washout test, FeNO measurements), primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) diagnostics, cell culture unit, bronchoscopy, , electroencephalography, , full video-Polysomnography Natus Embla NDx (SleepWork@) systems and EEG-based objective daytime assessment tests, advanced actigraphy, biochemical, and hormonal analysis equipment, next generation sequencing facilities and Sanger sequencing instrument, molecular biology/genetic analysis equipment.

Research funding/Resources

The Members labs of RespiHub have over the last 10 years attracted over 40 million Euro in external funding (European Framework Programs, Industry-Academia Partnerships, National Funding Agency). All member labs are actively involved in promoting the career prospects of RespiHub’s research alumni.

Links to non-academic sector

RespiHub maintains research contracts with several European industrial partners located in Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, UK and Sweden. Researcher secondments and internships are taking place with these partners on a regular basis.

Experience hosting international researchers, career development & training programmes, outreach activities

Dedicated personnel in the Human Resources Department of UCY guides researchers throughout their fellowships (e.g. housing, health service schemes/social security, taxation or other legal matters). UCY maintains excellent collaboration with the Research Promotion Foundation (Cyprus), the local EURAXESS Service Centre. UCY is an Endorser of the “European Charter for Researchers” and has been awarded the “Human Resources Excellence in Research”-logo by the European Commission, recognizing institutions that provide stimulating/favorable working conditions for researchers. UCY ensures that applicants will enjoy research freedom, fulfilment of contractual and legal obligations, and continuing professional development.  Fellow will produce in collaboration with the supervisor a personalized CDP that will define a mentoring scheme and availability of resources and describe the short/long-term career objectives such as : publications and participation in conferences/workshops; training on scientific/complementary skills; research management activities; supervision of undergraduate/postgraduate students; grant writing; patent applications; professional society presentations; networking opportunities; public engagement activities.

HR Excellence in Research – EU award