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The College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin (Medicine)

School of Medicine

Brief Overview

At Trinity College Dublin,  we provide a liberal environment where independence of thought is highly valued and all are encouraged to achieve their potential. We promote a diverse, interdisciplinary, inclusive environment that nurtures ground-breaking research, innovation, and creativity through engaging with issues of global significance. Located in a beautiful campus in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, Trinity is Ireland’s highest-ranked university.  It is home to 17,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students across all the major disciplines in the arts and humanities, and in business, law, engineering, science, and health sciences.

Research Areas

COPD\Epithelial cell\Fibrosis\Immunology\Tuberculosis – TB

Host center eligibility

Global fellowships (return phase only)\ European fellowships

Research infrastructure/facilities

The School of Medicine employs research scientists and technicians, research co-ordinators, pulmonary physiologists, physiotherapists and specialist nurses to engage in basic research as well as translational and clinical research. Respiratory Research carried out at state of the art facilities located in the Institute of Molecular Medicine St. James Hospital, at The Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI) and Tallaght and Peamont Hospitals. Research areas include Tuberculosis, Lung Cancer,  interstitial lung disease and COPD are world-renowned. For more information please see  and

Research funding/Resources

The School of Medicine’s has local (Irish Thoracic Society, The Meath Foundation), nationally (Science Foundation Ireland, Health Research Board, Enterprise Ireland) and internationally funded (European Research Council) Principal Investigators. The School is located in the state of the Art Trinity Biosciences Institute (TBSI) which has three established centres; the Centres: for Cancer Drug Discovery; Medical Device Technologies; and Translational Medicine. It is involved in a number of multifaceted research programmes, including the Irish Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ICRIN), The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA); The Trinity Translational Medicine Institute  (TTMI) the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering and AMBER (Advanced-Materials-Bioengineering-Research)

Links to non-academic sector

Trinity Research and Innovation interfaces internally with Trinity College Academics and administration units and externally with industry, funding agencies and government bodies. TR&I provides supports and advice along the continuum from research funding application, through to contract signature through intellectual property management to exploitations by licensing to campus company or to established industry.  TBSI also supports spin-out companies and facilitates collaborations with several pharmaceutical/medical device companies. The Grand Canal innovation district is Trinity College Dublin’s new Innovation Campus that will connect indigenous and multinational companies together with researchers and venture capitalists.

Experience hosting international researchers, career development & training programmes, outreach activities

Trinity has a long history of welcoming international Researchers. Trinity provides an orientation programme as well as a number of academic supports:Office of Student Learning and Development (advising, workshops, programmes), English for Academic Purposes (EAP) (workshops, programmes), Global Officers/ Global Room
(staff members dedicated to advising international students); The Trinity Career Service offers guidance to international students and the School of Medicine places a strong emphasis on mentoring and enhancing the career development of all researchers. The TBSI Post-Doc society organises events dedicated towards the professional development of postdoctoral research fellows by organising useful training, providing resources, and facilitating networking between fellow postdocs in the field of biosciences. Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas workspace also provides a customised 3-day programme for post-doc career development to give post-docs the tools to help them successfully navigate their research, career and life focusing on the fundamentals of creative thinking, teambuilding and communications.

HR Excellence in Research – EU award