Q&A with the Chairs of the Sleep and Breathing 2021 conference

Q&A with the Chairs of the Sleep and Breathing 2021 conference - article image

22 January, 2021

The Chairs of the Sleep and Breathing 2021, Professors Maria Bonsignore and Walter McNicholas, answer some questions about the upcoming conference and what this highly anticipated virtual event has to offer delegates.

Q: What makes the virtual conference unique compared to an in-person event?

  • (MB) While the superiority of in-person events cannot be questioned, a virtual conference has some advantages, for example the flexibility to attend the conference at different times or days.
  • (WM) The virtual format provides a unique facility to attend a high-quality international conference with presentations from internationally acclaimed speakers from the comfort of your own home.

Q: What does the conference offer sleep specialists and why should they attend?

  • (MB) Sleep and Breathing is a unique opportunity for interested respiratory clinicians, residents and allied health professionals to stay updated on major topics regarding sleep disordered breathing. In addition, the conference provides updates on other major sleep topics like insomnia or circadian disorders, and on respiratory sleep problems in children.
  • (WM) The conference offers a comprehensive update on the latest advances and opinions in respiratory sleep disorders in addition to general sleep disorders such as insomnia and narcolepsy.

Q: What are some particular highlights within the programme not to be missed?

  • (MB) We tried to cover all aspects of respiratory sleep medicine, including a session on how COVID-19 pandemic has changed already our practice. There are sessions on NIV, COPD, sleepiness, neurocognitive problems, and skill-based sessions dedicated to management of neuromuscular patients or weaning from MV.
  • (WM) The most up-to-date information on personalised management of OSA will be a highlight, as will the relationship of OSA to comorbidities and their outcomes.

The Sleep and Breathing conference will take place online from 16–17 April, 2021.

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