Endgame begins now – ERS brings together experts to discuss tobacco cessation policy

Endgame begins now – ERS brings together experts to discuss tobacco cessation policy - article image

17 January, 2024

On Tuesday, 23 January, the European Respiratory Society will host a stakeholder event on tobacco endgame.

ERS will bring together experts, academics, clinicians, members of the community and public, as well as members of its Tobacco Control Committee, to discuss the implementation of the proposed tobacco cessation policy in the UK, which will prohibit the sale of cigarettes to individuals born in or after 2009. Stakeholders will discuss how this policy relates to similar, but distinct, Tobacco 21 policy, and how these two policies could work together.

The event will provide a platform where experts and community members can come together to discuss the scientific evidence, implementation and behavioural science, and community perspectives around the operationality and feasibility of this tobacco cessation policy.

The day will consist of multiple sessions, covering the implementation of the UK proposal, how similar policy has been discussed in New Zealand, and how to expand tobacco cessation policies to further countries in the European region. 

ERS Tobacco Control Committee Chair, Filippos Filippidis, elaborates on the need for this event:

“The UK government has proposed some radical measures to create a tobacco-free generation in the years to come. This is consistent with the ERS vision for a world free of the devastating consequences of tobacco use. We are organising this event to support the UK in implementing this approach, but also to learn lessons on how we can start similar discussions in other countries in Europe and beyond”

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