Air pollution and health: facts and myths

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A new factsheet that addresses the arguments which question the evidence base that links air pollution exposure and adverse health effects is now available to download and share. Developed by the ERS Environment and Health Committee, the factsheet provides the tools for individuals and organisations to continue to advocate for the importance of breathing clean air.

ERS is devoted to protecting the health of citizens and patients suffering from respiratory diseases, and maintains its support for:

  • Lower thresholds of acceptable levels of air pollution
  • Stricter enforcement of existing EU legislation
  • Exposure limits to occupational air pollution at the European level
  • Continued research to further understand the impact of exposures on human health

Like tobacco smoke, ambient air pollution is a well-established cause of morbidity and mortality, but unlike smoking, air pollution is not a lifestyle choice. Exposure to outdoor air pollution is involuntary and can affect the health of 100% of the population from the womb to death.

Large parts of the European population continue to live in areas with unhealthy air quality, and in some regions this situation is not improving, and is even deteriorating.

Furthermore, European research findings make a strong case for sustained improvements in air quality to support public health.

Download and share the factsheet – Air pollution and health: facts and myths

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