Physiotherapy management of COVID-19: International guidelines

Author(s): Rik Gosselink, Fellow of ERS (Belgium)

Document: Physiotherapy Management for COVID-19 in the Acute Hospital Setting: Recommendations to guide clinical practice (Source: Journal of Physiotherapy 2020;66(2): in press)

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Author(s): Peter Thomas, Claire Baldwin, Bernie Bissett, Ianthe Boden, Rik Gosselink, Catherine L Granger, Carol Hodgson, Alice YM Jonesh, Michelle E Khoj, Rachael Moses, George Ntoumenopoulos, Selina M Parry, Shane Patman, Lisa van der Lee.

Description: This document has been prepared to provide information to physiotherapists and acute care healthcare facilities about the potential role of physiotherapy in the management of hospital admitted patients with confirmed and / or suspected COVID-19.

The document contains practical advice covering:

  • Workforce planning
  • Which patients should be treated by physiotherapists
  • Physical therapy screening specific guidelines and additional intensive care unit interventions
  • Recommendations for physiotherapy interventions
  • Recommendations for physiotherapy mobilisation, exercise and rehabilitation
  • Recommendations for personal protective equipment for physiotherapists

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