HERMES examination committee

Examination committee chair in adult respiratory medicine

Prof. Dragos Bumbacea - profile image
Prof. Dragos Bumbacea
Assessments Director Elect

Committee members in adult respiratory medicine

Dr Guillermo Suárez Cuartín - profile image
Dr Guillermo Suárez Cuartín
Pneumology Department, Bellvitge University Hospital / Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL), Barcelona, Spain

Prof. MD. Winfried Randerath - profile image
Prof. MD. Winfried Randerath
Professor and Medical Director, Bethanien Hospital, Solingen, Germany

Dr Christine Rüegg - profile image
Dr Christine Rüegg
Clinic of Pulmonary Medicine and Internal Medicine, Hospital Uster, Switzerland

Dr Charlotte Berlier  - profile image
Dr Charlotte Berlier
Clinic of Pulmonary Medicine and Internal Medicine, Hospital Waid, Zürich, Switzerland

Prof. Omar Usmani - profile image
Prof. Omar Usmani
National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

Dr Maged Hassan - profile image
Dr Maged Hassan
Chest Diseases Department, Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria, Egypt.

Dr Tony Redington - profile image
Dr Tony Redington
Consultant Respiratory Physician, Lister Hospital - Stevenage UK

Dr Andriana Papaioannou - profile image
Dr Andriana Papaioannou
Assistant Professor of Respiratory Medicine in the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Examination committee chair in paediatric respiratory medicine

Dr Jayesh M Bhatt - profile image
Dr Jayesh M Bhatt
Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Committee members in paediatric respiratory medicine

Prof. Katerina Haidopoulou - profile image
Prof. Katerina Haidopoulou
Associate Professor of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine University Hospital AHEPA, Thessaloniki Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Dr Annelies M. Zwitserloot - profile image
Dr Annelies M. Zwitserloot
Paediatric Pulmonologist, Beatrix Children’s Hospital, University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands

Prof. Petr Pohunek - profile image
Prof. Petr Pohunek
Professor of Paediatrics, Paediatric Pulmonologist, 2nd Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Motol, Prague, Czech Republic

Dr. Jessica Taytard - profile image
Dr. Jessica Taytard
Paediatric Pulmonology Department, Armand Trousseau Hospital, Paris, France

Dr. Kelechi Ugonna - profile image
Dr. Kelechi Ugonna
Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Dr. Daniel Trachsel - profile image
Dr. Daniel Trachsel
Paediatric Intensive Care and Pulmonology, University Children's Hospital, Basel, Switzerland