The ERS Tobacco Control Committee

The ERS Tobacco Control Committee (TCC) coordinates ERS activities on tobacco control at every level. The Committee works with professionals working on the frontline in hospitals, clinics and universities; at the European level with an office to monitor tobacco control; and at the international level through global conferences and membership of organisations such as the Framework Convention Alliance. The Committee has developed strong partnerships with cancer and heart organisations and imposed a strict code of conduct for relations with the tobacco industry.

The specific objectives of the Tobacco Control Committee are to:

  • promote awareness of the evidence that links tobacco consumption with respiratory disease to policymakers;
  • encourage Member States to implement smoking cessation in accordance with the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Articles 14 and 12;
  • encourage Member States to implement the FCTC Articles 8 and 14 across Europe.


Committee members:

  • Committee Chair (Carlos Jimenez-Ruiz)
  • Chair of Group 6.3 (Paraskevi Katsaounou)
  • Head of Assembly 6 (Dick Heederik)
  • ELF representative (Dan Smyth)
  • ERS Education representative (Bo Lundbäck)
  • Two ERS members with expertise in tobacco control, appointed by the Executive Committee from the general membership (Constantine Vardavas and Sofia Ravara)
  • Advocacy Council Chair (Christina Gratziou)
  • ERS Executive Director (Werner Bill) as an observer
  • ERS expert in the field for specific tasks of limited duration - José Ignacio de Granda


  • Supports the European Commission’s ‘Ex-smokers are unstoppable’ campaign. Find out more about the campaign at the European Commission and the Ex-smokers are unstoppable websites.
  • Providing accessible research and evidence to policymakers regarding the health hazards of smoking as part of the SmokeHaz project.

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