International regulators highlight the importance, safety and effectiveness of vaccines

26 June, 2020

The International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA) released two statements last week to reiterate the importance, safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

The statements, which are endorsed by the European Medicines Agency, include a version written for healthcare professionals and for the general public that aim to provide assurance that the regulatory processes for the authorisation and monitoring of vaccines are robust, independent and that they prioritise public health.

The document for healthcare professionals provides several key messages and recommendations for health workers, which you may use to support dialogue with other healthcare professionals and patients. These include:

  • emphasising the efficacy of vaccines to prevent disease;
  • highlighting that getting vaccinated is part of a wider social responsibility;
  • calling out misinformation about vaccines;
  • and sharing personal stories, such as why you have decided to vaccinate yourself and your family.

The document also covers regulatory aspects related to vaccine authorisation and safety monitoring, to support healthcare professional understanding of this and increase confidence in the process.

The European Respiratory Society supports ICMRA’s statements and urges health professionals to share these messages widely.

Access the ICMRA vaccines statement for healthcare professionals

Access the ICMRA vaccines statement for the general public

Photo credit: Heather Hazzan, Self Magazine