Message from the ERS President regarding the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

13 March, 2019

It has come to our attention that the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, an organisation supported by the tobacco industry, is distributing grants to students to attend ERS International Congress in Madrid.

Talking about the Foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO) states: “There are a number of clear conflicts of interest involved with a tobacco company funding a purported health foundation, particularly if it promotes sale of tobacco and other products found in that company’s brand portfolio. WHO will not partner with the Foundation. Governments should not partner with the Foundation and the public health community should follow this lead*.”

ERS has an explicit policy of prohibiting work funded by the Tobacco Industry and membership of the Society is not open to those who accept Tobacco Industry funding. Therefore, delegates should not accept grants from the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World.

Individuals who accept grants from organisations supported by the tobacco industry are banned from being members of ERS.

Tobias Welte, ERS President

*WHO Statement on Philip Morris funded Foundation for a Smoke-Free World