Health professionals must be protected against COVID-19

27 March, 2020

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) has signed a joint statement urging the European Union and national governments to prioritise health and safety on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

Adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for all healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of COVID-19 in order to protect their health and safety, especially now, as Europe finds itself at the global centre of the pandemic.

To help enable this provision of equipment, ERS also calls on EU member states to lift border restrictions and ensure free movement of essential medical supplies including PPE around Europe.

The mental well-being of healthcare workers must be provided for, with measures such as regular breaks and adequate time off between shifts ensured, in order to protect well-being and ensure staff are able to provide effective care during what could be a long-term global crisis. Psychological support services must also be put in place to support these goals.

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ERS statement: ensure free movement of essential medical supplies around Europe to fight COVID-19