Call open for the European Group of Ethics

A call for 'expressions of interest' for the European Group of Ethics (EGE) is now open until 26 June 2016. This call is addressed to individuals who wish to be considered for membership of the EGE under its new mandate 2016 – 2021. The EGE will consist of up to 15 members. The composition of the Group shall ensure that independent advice of the highest quality can be provided, combining wisdom and foresight.

The EGE provides the European Commission with high quality and independent advice (opinions) on ethical aspects of science and new technologies in connection with EU legislation or policies. Principal tasks of the EGE include clarifying ethical problems, with due regard to the regulatory and scientific state of the art, developing normative frameworks with respect to emerging ethical dilemmas, and outlining possible courses of action via policy recommendations addressed to the European institutions, national policymakers, and other stakeholders. Examples of earlier EGE advice to the Commission can be found on the EGE website

Application is open

EGE members are appointed on the basis of their expertise and are drawn from fields of natural and social sciences, philosophy and ethics, and law, ensuring an independent, inter-disciplinary perspective on ethical questions posed by scientific and technological innovation.