ERS Assembly 4: Sleep disordered breathing

Assembly 4 covers a range of topics that provide important links between research and clinical medicine. It has broad scope and includes integrative aspects of respiratory physiology, sleep apnoea and associated health problems and cellular and molecular physiology. The Assembly is comprised of the following Group:
  • Sleep science - basic and translational

    Group 04.01
    Chair: Manuel Sanchez De La Torre
    Secretary: Dimitrios Kantas

    This active and growing Group provides a forum where scientists and clinicians interested in how breathing is regulated during wakefulness and sleep can meet and share their ideas.

    Major interests include the nature of disordered respiratory control in disease and the causes and consequences of sleep-disordered breathing. There are many points of contact with the other Groups within this Assembly, which have led to a series of successful symposia at successive annual meetings. Raising the awareness of sleep and breathing problems in the EU and encouraging better research funding in this area is a major priority and has been helped by the task force set up by the previous officers of this Group. Active participation is encouraged and new ideas for group activities are always very welcome.

  • Clinical and epidemiological respiratory sleep medicine

    Group 04.02
    Chair: Dries Testelmans
    Secretary: Athanasia Pataka

    Sleep disordered breathing is a highly prevalent disorder contributing to a significant symptom burden, morbidity and high health cost. This active group provides a forum where pulmonologists and sleep specialists with a particular interest in clinical aspects of respiratory sleep medicine can meet and share their ideas.

    Therefore, the main aims of this group are:

    • to provide education on clinical aspects of sleep disordered breathing through high-quality symposia, courses and development of guidelines
    • to increase knowledge and skills by promoting harmonised education across Europe in the field of clinical respiratory sleep medicine
    • to raise awareness of the importance of sleep and breathing problems and encourage clinical research activities
    • to further collaborate with other ERS groups in order to emphasise the clinical importance of sleep disordered breathing in patients with different respiratory conditions

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