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Center of Research in Transplantation and Translational Immunology

Brief overview

The Center of Research in Transplantation and Translational Immunology (CR2TI) gathers researchers and clinicians who develop projects aiming to improve knowledge, diagnosis and treatments in transplantation and immune-mediated inflammatory diseases.

Research areas

Biomarkers/Epigenetics/Immunology/Infection/Intensive care

Host center eligibility

Global fellowships (return phase only)/European fellowships

Research infrastructure/facilities

Core facilities of the CR2TI provide state-of-the-art scientific-technological infrastructure for the development of the proposed projects:

  1. Animal facility for mice to perform bacteriological respiratory infections. The development of a germ-free animal facility is planned for 2022.
  2. Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Unit
  3. Sequencing and metagenomics unit
  4. Biobank: we have established collections of human sample from critically ill patients.
  5. SFR Bonamy coordinates a network of technological facilities in Nantes and supports projects from the in vitro phases to preclinical and clinical development.

Research funding/resources

The CR2TI is funded by recurring public funders, national or regional public agencies, and charitable foundations. Some of our current fundings are:

  1. European program Horizon H2020: Host-targeted approaches for the prevention and treatment of hospital-acquired pneumonia “HAP2 project”.
  2. NHMRC Australia 2019: Functional impairment of mouse and human dendritic cells following SIRS.
  3. SATT-OV Maturation program: Development of Immunotherapies for the Prevention and Treatment of hospital acquired Infections.
  4. French National Research Agency: Investigation of the host-pathogens interactions to understand the physiopathology of ARDS in patients infected with COVID-19, and role of TNFRII Treg cells in sepsis-induced immunosuppression.

Links to non-academic sector

The CR2TI develops industrial partnership with the objective to accelerate the discovery and development of new therapies and diagnostic tools. Since 10 years, 9 patents have been generated, 1 CRO company (Atlangram) has been founded and a collaborative contract is in progress within the framework of the French PIA program (Amadeite and Immunotherapy for Respiratory Symbiosis “AIRS” – with Olgram company). The CR2TI is frequently supported by the SATT-OV, which mission is to accelerate the process of technology transfer from publicly funded research toward industry.

Experience hosting international researchers, career development & training programmes, outreach activities

We have experience in hosting international researchers and providing mentoring on career development. At the CR2TI, international researchers will:

  • Ensure a two-way transfer of knowledge.
  • Enhance teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Make effective use of funding opportunities.
  • Benefit from French learning courses.

There are weekly scientific meetings.

Candidates will benefit from scientific collaborations with our international networks (HAP2 project, Euniwell University) to develop their own experimental or clinical studies. Candidates could take advantage of pre-existing initiatives in our institution outreach activities.

The welcome office and information desk for foreign researchers in Nantes provide all support to manage the fellowships.

HR Excellence in Research – EU award

Application in process