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Research Center for Respiratory Diseases (UMR 1100)

Brief overview

The Research Center for Respiratory Diseases (french acronym: “CEPR”) is an academic laboratory affiliated to the french national institute of health (“Inserm’). « CEPR » is aimed to develop a translational research continuum from understanding the mechanisms of lung infection and inflammation up to the evaluation of therapeutic agents in human patients.
CEPR involves three complementary research teams, namely: « Respiratory infection and Immunity », «Proteolytic Mechanisms in Inflammation » and « Aerosol therapy and Biotherapeutics for respiratory diseases». This multidisciplinary structure allows to conduct both molecular and technological studies, as well as preclinical and clinical studies.

Research areas

Acute Lung Injury (ALI)/Epithelial cell/Immunology/Infection/Intensive care

Host center eligibility

Global fellowships (return phase only)\European fellowships

Research infrastructure/facilities

The Inserm “Research Center for Respiratory Diseases” has state-of-the-art facilities for the culture at the air-liquid interface of primary human epithelial cells as well as the expertise and systems to infect them by distinct pathogens (viruses (influenza), bacteria (P. aeruginosa,…), and fungi (A. fumigatus)). The laboratory has also infrastructures for flow cytometry, molecular biology, biochemistry, and fluorescence microscopy. Core facilities next to the laboratory are available for genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, electron microscopy imaging.

Research funding/resources

National and international funding for research in the respiratory field is provided by government (e.g. french national research agency, regional research council, …), charities (french cystic fibrosis foundation), EU (e.g. H2020 program) and companies (e.g. MedImmune).

Links to non-academic sector

The “CEPR” is an academic laboratory that is dedicated to produce knowledge in the field of respiratory pathophysiology and treatment development. In this context, the laboratory has also developed multiple collaborations with the private sector (from SME such as Cynbiose respiratory or Aerodrug up to big Pharma companies such as Medimmune or Sanofi).

Experience hosting international researchers, career development & training programmes, outreach activities

Very good experience in hosting international researchers (post-docs, PhD students as well as visiting scientists; including those supported by a Studium international fellowship ( and providing mentoring on career development. Excellent training facilities and networking opportunities within the Research Center for Respiratory diseases as well as in the surrounding Faculty of medicine campus and university hospital. Outreach activities include regular presentations of our research activities in elementary and high schools, public talks, lab visits and participation in Science Days. The laboratory also participate regularly to “lab open days” events.

HR Excellence in Research – EU award