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CIML (Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille Luminy)

Brief Overview

Founded in 1976, the Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy is a research institute internationally renowned in its discipline which has developed an organization and practices designed to foster the creativity and risk-taking of its researchers.
From worm to man, from molecules to the whole organism, from physiology to pathology the CIML addresses all areas of contemporary immunology, on many models and at various scales. These include the genesis of numerous cell populations, their modes of differentiation and activation, their implication in cancers, infectious and inflammatory diseases, and the mechanisms of cell death.

Research Areas

Cell biology\Immunology\Infection\Lung cancer\Microbiology

Host center eligibility

Global fellowships (return phase only)\ European fellowships

Research infrastructure/facilities

Core facilities of the CIML provide state-of-the-art scientific-technological infrastructure for the development of the proposed projects:
(1) Animal facility for mice with whole-body imaging module, surgery equipment, mechanical ventilation and biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) room to perform respiratory infections.
(2) Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Unit: 4 sorters (2 Aria III, 1 Influx, 1 Melody in BSL-2) and 6 analyzers (2 CantoII, 2 LSRII, 1 LSR Fortessa X-20, 1 Symphony).
(3) Microscopy Unit: 4 confocal microscopes, 1 LightSheet microscope and 1 two-photon microscope in BSL-2 for intravital imaging of infected animals (we do lung, spleen and lymph node imaging routinely)

Research funding/Resources

1) MSCA fellowship from H2020 program 2019-2021.
€183K to Mauro GAYA
«Induction of B cell Immunity in the lung mucosa (LUNG-BIM)»

2) ATIP-AVENIR grant from INSERM 2020-2023.
€300K to Mauro GAYA
«Deciphering the early events of B cell immunity in the lung mucosa»

3) Project of Maturation from the SATT-SE 2019-2021.
€330K to Cyrille MIONNET and Jean-Pierre GORVEL
«New adjuvant for vaccine against Whooping Cough»

4) ERC Advanced Grant from H2020 program 2017-2021
€2.5M to Michael Sieweke
«Alveolar Macrophage Aging and Rejuvenation»

Links to non-academic sector

The CIML is active towards developing industrial partnerships with a huge potential medical impact. The CIML, associated to Marseille’s clinical centers, and the Innate Pharma biotech created Marseille-Immunopole ( in 2013, a unique cluster exclusively dedicated to fundamental and applied immunology with the objective to accelerate the discovery and development of new immunotherapies for various cancers and inflammatory diseases. Thus, CIML bears an outstanding scientific environment that ensures the success of the projects and offers a unique positioning to turn out scientific discovery into new therapeutic targets.

Experience hosting international researchers, career development & training programmes, outreach activities

The CIML grant office provide all support to manage the fellowships. CIML has been partner in projects under FP7 and Horizon 2020 initiatives and at present, it is running with 5 ERC grants and 5 MSCA fellows. This office has thus an extensive experience in managing European grants and contract income.
Research groups at CIML study the development, differentiation and activation of immune cells and their implication in cancers, infectious and inflammatory diseases. In this frame, candidates will benefit from scientific collaborations across subfields with CIML recognized groups. In addition, CIML counts with a personal career development plan to:
– Foster organisation and project planning skills.
– Develop communication, delivery and scientific writing ability.
– Ensure a two-way transfer of knowledge.
– Enhance teamwork and leadership skills.
– Make effective use of funding opportunities.
– Acquire training in intellectual property.
– Benefit from French learning courses.

HR Excellence in Research – EU award


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