Highlights from the Lung Science Conference, 2016

Highlights from the Lung Science Conference, 2016 - article image

The 14th Lung Science Conference brought together researchers from across the world in Estoril, Portugal last weekend to share the latest research and developments in systems approaches in lung disease – the focus of this year’s event.

Over 165 delegates attended the Conference, largely young researchers utilising the opportunity to absorb the expertise shared at the organised sessions led by experts in the field.

There were three main awards presented over the four-day event.

The William MacNee award was presented to Dr Eva Maria Garrido-Martin from Southampton in the U.K. for her abstract presentation “Transcriptomic profiling of Macrophages isolated from human Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC) reveals novel Macrophage subsets with distinct tumour response features.”

The award for best oral presentation went to Ms. Aina Martin of Munich, Germany for her abstract presentation “Non-canonical WNT signalling is mediated by extracellular vesicles in pulmonary fibrosis.”

Both awardees received a bursary and free registration to present their abstract at the upcoming ERS International Congress, 2016, ERS’s most prestigious event taking place in London between 3–7 September.

The eight best poster presentations also received recognition and alongside the accolade, the winners received a certificate and a book entitled “Molecular Biology of the Cells”. See the full list of winners at the bottom of this article.

The Conference was also the forum for ERS to announce the appointment of the new ERS Conferences and Seminars Director, Rachel Chambers, who will organise the following three Conferences starting in 2017 – taking over from current Director Bruno Crestani.

The next Lung Science Conference, entitled Mechanistic overlap between chronic lung injury and cancer, will a take place in Estoril between 23–26 March, 2017.

8 best poster presentation winners:

  • Ms Malamati Vreka, Patras, Greece – Host-environmental IL-1B drives mutant kras-ikka addiction in malignant pleural effusion
  • Dr Argyro Chatziantoniou, Heraklion, Greece – A combination of the wells score with multiorgan ultrasound to stratify patients with suspected pulmonary embolism
  • Dr Katy Roach, Leicester, UK – A human lung esxplant model of fibrogenesis for the assessment of anti-fibrotic strategies in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
  • Mr Dmytro Dvornikov, Heidelberg, Germany – Modeling Of Tgfb Pathway Dynamics In Lung Cancer Cells
  • Ms Griet Conickx, Ghent, Belgium – Microrna Profiling Reveals A Role For Microrna-218-5p In The Pathogenesis Of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Dr Lieuwe Bos, Amsterdam, Netherlands – Identification Of Distinct Biological Phenotypes Of Ards By Cluster Analysis And Association With Mortality
  • Dr Morad Nakhleh, Le Kremlin Bicêtre, France – Exploring Mechanisms And Early Detection Of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Via Breath And Lung Vascular Cells’ Volatolomics

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