ERS Translational Science Initiative aims to ‘bridge the gap’ between basic research and clinical science

ERS Translational Science Initiative aims to ‘bridge the gap’ between basic research and clinical science - article image

6 March, 2024

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) has set up a Translational Science Initiative that aims to integrate scientific findings into the clinic – and vice versa – through a number of ERS-led activities.

Translational science is the process that integrates fundamental respiratory research with clinical science to achieve impact on the quality of life of patients by disease prevention and (personalised) medicine.

The initiative has been formed by ERS to enhance interactions between basic and clinical scientists; it is important that both groups learn and understand each other’s language.

ERS is perfectly placed to enable this communication, given that its membership includes many basic, translational and clinical scientists working in lung research and practitioners taking care of patients with lung diseases. Its portfolio of activities also offers an ideal platform for focusing on translational science as an essential element of respiratory medicine.

A working group representing the majority of ERS assemblies is facilitating the initiative and integrating it into ERS activity.

Prof. Silke Meiners, ERS Conference and Research Seminars Director, said: “ERS is perfectly positioned as a Society to really enable translation; we want to be the site of translational science worldwide.

“We want ERS to enable all basic scientists and clinicians to meet, to exchange ideas and to have a home where they can discuss and get new ideas about their translational science. Lots of new ideas and initiatives are being brought to the table, so I would encourage anybody interested in supporting the initiative to get in touch if they have any ideas or suggestions which could help the initiative develop further.”

How to get involved

ERS members interested in contributing to the programme of the translational initiative are invited to get in touch with their assembly representative – the list of which is available here. Alternatively, contact Prof. Silke Meiners (ERS Conferences and Research Seminars Director) or Prof. Irene Heijink (Head of ERS Assembly 3), or email the ERS Scientific Team.

Learn more about the ERS Translational Science Initiative, how to contribute to it and discover current and planned activities.