ERS Respiratory Channel relaunches with new look and features, plus brand-new content for 2023

ERS Respiratory Channel relaunches with new look and features, plus brand-new content for 2023 - article image

15 February, 2023

The ERS Respiratory Channel has had a makeover. As well as a new look and improvements to the platform, the Channel will present a number of new programmes and features, tailor-made for the professional respiratory community throughout 2023 and beyond.

The ERS Respiratory Channel was originally launched by the Society in 2021 at a time where digital resources were in high demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform has to date offered a range of content including live panel discussions, short videos, podcasts, access to online events, and free to access ready to watch content.

Alongside a new and sleeker look, the Channel now allows users to sign in and bookmark content which they may want to watch a later time. The added search functionality means that users can see what is available from the complete library of online content based on key words and topics of interest – content now includes the ERS’s guideline documents, which are an essential resource for the respiratory community.

Current ERS President Professor Carlos Robalo Cordeiro has been involved in several programmes featured on the Channel to date and expressed his enthusiasm for the continued development of the Channel as a useful professional resource:

“The ERS Respiratory Channel has been very well received by the ERS community. We have had a lot of positive feedback about the content as well as a lot of interest from ERS and external representatives wishing to contribute their time to this project. It is clear that the professional respiratory community benefits greatly from an online resource such as this, which is why ERS has chosen to further invest in it, to make it bigger and better.”

New programmes and features will be released throughout the year. The first episodes of two new programmes are available now:

  • The Institute: a brand-new 30-minute documentary series from ERS. It focuses in on some of the great respiratory physiologists and the institutes where they have carried out their work. In episode one, Professor Richard Costello, ERS Education Council Chair meets Prof. Urs Frey from UKBB Basel, Switzerland. Watch episode one here.
  • Respiratory Life: A new discussion series available as a video or podcast. It brings together respiratory clinicians to give insight into distinct aspects of their working lives. Episode one discusses clinicians’ interactions with social media. Watch or listen to episode one here.

The improvements presented in February, mark the first of a three-part development for the Channel. In the coming weeks the Channel will absorb all of ERS’s e-learning content which has previously been accessed through a separate platform. This will mean that all of ERS’s digital content will be located in a single place which is easy to search and navigate. Later in 2023 integrated event platforms will be introduced making for a better experience for those attending our events online.

Professor Carlos Robalo Cordeiro continued:

“We want the Channel to be a useful and even essential resource for respiratory professionals. They should be able to dip into the content as and when they please – accessing the latest video content, podcasts, guidelines, e-learning activities – as well as take part in our events online.”

Visit the relaunched ERS Respiratory Channel here.

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