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ERS Lung Science Conference 2023

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Thank you!

We extend our thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Lung Science Conference (LSC) – especially those who contributed to the extensive programme. Marking the 21st year of this event, this year’s LSC was again a hybrid event, welcoming attendees both online and on-site in Estoril, Portugal.

Registered delegates can revisit the programme and replay individual sessions, and view the eposters, through the Conference platform. Session replays and eposters will be available until 30 June, 2023.


Three prizes were awarded during the conference:

William MacNee Award

  • Pauline Bardin (France) with the abstract YI01 – Lung regeneration for inherited interstitial pulmonary fibrosis using a novel combinatorial AAV gene therapy
  • Lucia Rodriguez Rodriguez (Belgium) with the abstract YI04 – Long-lasting alterations in lung anti-tumor immunity by viral infections

Geoffrey Laurent Award — Best oral presentation

  • Isabelle Dupin (France) with the abstract OP08 – Recapitulating morphological and functional characteristics of distal airways in tubular organoids to model post-viral obstructive diseases

Distinguished Poster Awards

  • Luke Milross, United Kingdom with the abstract TP109 – Immunophenotyping temporal phases of COVID-19-associated lung injury using imaging mass cytometry
  • Robert Lorenz Chua, Germany with the abstract TP112 – Modelling early disease phenotypes of IPF airway cells and their drug responses
  • Kaylee Worlock, United Kingdom with the abstract TP125 – Longitudinal blood and tissue single cell transcriptomics of humans challenged with SARS-CoV-2 reveals innate and adaptive immune dynamics
  • Cedric Bosteels, Belgium with the abstract TP134 – Inflammatory type 2 cDCs acquire features of cDC1s and macrophages to orchestrate immunity to respiratory virus infection
  • Chiara De Santi, Ireland with the abstract TP208 – A circular RNA regulates ion conductance in cystic fibrosis bronchial epithelium
  • Yasmin Shaalan, Germany with the abstract TP217 – Delineating the immune response of lung alveolar macrophages, CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells to viral PAMPs using live microscopy
  • Learta Pervizaj-Oruqaj, Germany with the abstract TP222 – Viral pneumonia elicits a lung epithelial repair program in transdifferentiating alveolar macrophages characterized by Plet1
  • Sabine Stadler, Switzerland with the abstract TP244 – Outcome in total lung capacity associated with oropharyngeal microbiota relative to COVID-19-related ARDS status

Lung Science Conference 2024

The next Lung Science Conference will take place on 14–17 March, 2024 at the Hotel Palacio Estoril, Portugal.

The topic of LSC 2024 will be:

‘Development of chronic lung diseases: from life-spanning mechanisms to preventive therapy’