CME Online: Ultrasound in acute respiratory failure

CME Online: Ultrasound in acute respiratory failure - article image

10 December, 2020

A new CME module is now available which focuses on the use and diagnostic process of lung ultrasounds (LUS).

Led by Doctors Pieter Roel Tuinman and Luigi Pisani, the module includes a discussion on initial assessment using LUS in the case of a dyspnoeic patient, monitoring and scoring and how to implement LUS, among other topics relating to the diagnostic technique.

The module features an interactive case simulation, a panel discussion and suggested readings, which will provide participants with an understanding of:

  • How lung ultrasound can be used in the initial assessment of the dyspnoeic patient
  • How to recognise a pneumonic process and pleural effusion with LUS
  • How to identify an interstitial syndrome and features that distinguish cardiogenic from non-cardiogenic pulmonary oedema
  • How to assess LUS limitations and indications to second line diagnostic techniques
  • How simple scores can be used to assess changes in lung aeration
  • How to integrate LUS with ultrasound of heart and diaphragm

Participants with a myERS account will also be able to take a test on the topic at the end of the module, which is accredited with one CME credit. A CME certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the CME test.