CME Online: remote monitoring of airway disease

CME Online: remote monitoring of airway disease - article image

18 July, 2023

The latest CME Online module, focusing on the remote monitoring of airway disease, is now available on the ERS Respiratory Channel.

This module is directed by Prof. Salman Siddiqui. Co-directors Ms Jellien Makonga-Braaksma and Prof. Raffaele L. Dellaca will assist in guiding participants through the module.

Airway diseases are characterised by temporal variability in patho-physiology, typically measured using biomarkers of airway inflammation and lung function. With the transformation of healthcare by digital health and smart sensors, there has been a shift towards ex clinic and remote monitoring – for example, in a person’s home. This saw a surge during the COVID-19 pandemic. As these methodologies become more established in practice, it’s important that the correct regulatory frameworks are used to define their clinical utility and maximise the potential for regulatory approval.

This CME module will be beneficial for respiratory clinicians, physiologists, technologists, industry, allied health care professionals, policy makers and primary care professionals.

After the completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the framework and implementation process for remote digital monitoring in airways disease.
  • Outline how to implement remote lung function and related technical challenges in airways disease.
  • Cite examples of remote diagnostics in airways disease and their implementation in remote clinical trials.

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