CME Online: management of pneumothorax

CME Online: management of pneumothorax - article image

29 August, 2023

The latest CME Online module, Management of pneumothorax, is now available on the ERS Respiratory Channel.

This module, directed by Prof. Najib Rahman, will be of great benefit to pulmonologists, radiologists, thoracic surgeons, specialists in general internal medicine and acute and emergency medicine, and pathologists. Prof. Rob Hallifax and Prof. Nick Maskell are the module co-directors.

Pneumothorax has traditionally been managed with either short-term drainage, or admission to hospital for a chest tube and underwater seal drainage over a period of days. A number of recent high quality, randomised studies have suggested there is potential for new treatment, including conservative (non-drainage) treatment in selected patients, as well as ambulatory care, in which a drainage device is safely managed at home. Furthermore, the timing of surgery in acute pneumothorax, and surgery for recurrence prevention and its timing, are areas of significant debate across a broad range of literature.

Understanding of the epidemiology of pneumothorax has vastly improved recently, providing important information which is clinically applicable and may influence treatment decisions.

Participants who successfully complete this module will obtain the skills necessary to:

  • Describe the current understanding of epidemiology of primary and secondary pneumothorax, and how this influences care.
  • Discuss the pathophysiological mechanisms of pneumothorax, and potential physiological consequences.
  • Recognise high risk individuals who may need aggressive treatment in acute pneumothorax.
  • Outline the basis of a treatment algorithm in pneumothorax including conservative care, ambulatory care and admission for drainage.
  • Discuss the literature from the role of surgery in acute and long-term pneumothorax management.

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