ERS HERMES Examinations – Spanish language

23 September, 2023

09:30–12:30 CEST

Registration opens: 01 March, 2023
Registration closes: 25 August, 2023

For the first time as a pilot trial, the HERMES examinations in adult and paediatric respiratory medicine will be available this year in Spanish. Candidates will be able to sit the exact same exam as every other candidate, but question content will be entirely in Spanish.

The HERMES exam in Spanish follows the exact same procedure, eligibility criteria and fee structure as the mainstream English exam version. Candidates are bound by the same Terms and Conditions, so they must ensure that they have read and understood all the guides and conditions, prior to registering.

Please contact the HERMES Team should you be interested in sitting the HERMES exam in Spanish. We will provide further details on how the exam process works.

Before registering, please check your eligibility and prepare all required documentations (in English).

Please also ensure that you have read the HERMES Exam Terms & Conditions  thoroughly, as this forms a binding agreement once you register through myERS.

European Diploma In-training Self-assessment
ERS Member €310 €170 €170
Non-member €410 €270 €270

*To be registered under the European Respiratory Society (ERS) member fee, the candidate must have an active membership at the time of registration

If you have any queries, please contact the HERMES Team

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For more information about the HERMES examination in Spanish – contact the HERMES Team