Session types in the ERS Congress programme

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress is the largest respiratory meeting of its kind. The ERS Congress features a variety of session types to ensure formats are engaging and provide varying levels of interaction and focused presentations.

Please note the information below is subject to change.

Abstract sessions

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These sessions feature presentations of all original abstracts that are accepted for the ERS International Congress.

Clinical trials sessions

Including the ALERT sessions (Abstracts Leading to Evolution in Respiratory Medicine Trials), these formats showcase important and very late-breaking clinical trial data from all respiratory disease areas. Presenters, session chairs and viewers will take part in lively discussions on the presented trials.

Posters sessions

Abstract authors present their research in poster format in these sessions. The sessions cover all areas of respiratory medicine and science, and discussion of new data is encouraged.

Oral presentations

In these sessions, abstracts authors present their key findings to live audiences. The sessions are moderated by experts and there is opportunity for discussion of all abstracts presented.

Case-based sessions

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Case-led sessions are based on real-world clinical cases that are submitted to ERS by the respiratory community.

Clinical cases

These interactive sessions feature well-documented clinical cases that are of interest to respiratory health professionals. Attendees are asked to give their opinions during the session by casting votes at each step of the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Lungs on fire

These interactive sessions cover eight key areas of respiratory medicine. A panel of experts is put to the test against the audience to diagnose real-life clinical cases. Each session is led by two discussants who will present the cases, and who are the only people in the room with the details of the cases. They will prompt lively discussions about the presented cases, while the panel and audience answer multiple-choice questions. The audience can also send their own questions throughout the session. The aim is to give the audience an opportunity to study real-life clinical cases, to learn and exchange ideas with a panel of respiratory experts, and to analyse the various diagnostic and therapeutic options.


There are a wide range of engaging lecture-style sessions included in the congress programme to facilitate the sharing of the latest information, research and clinical best practices.

Assembly members’ meetings

ERS members are invited to join these interactive meetings to get the latest updates from their Assembly, including information on funding opportunities, upcoming deadlines and ongoing projects.

Expert interviews

Expert interviews are held exclusively in the online studio. Two expert interviews are presented in each session, with a live question and answer session.

Guidelines sessions

Featuring presentations of official ERS clinical practice guidelines that are prepared by experts and cover a range of topics in respiratory medicine.

Hot topics

Hot topic sessions cover the latest developments in key respiratory topics or areas of interest to respiratory professionals.

Journal sessions

In these sessions, researchers present their recently published high-impact articles from the European Respiratory Journal, New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association and The Lancet.

Language sessions

To recognise the global reach of the ERS International Congress, we are pleased to be able to offer a number of sessions in languages other than English.

Mini symposia

These 1–15 minute-long sessions are created to cover a range of niche topics in respiratory medicine.

Primary care programme

Lecture-based sessions within this programme cover the latest findings and best practices for primary care practitioners.

Pro/con debate

Short sessions where two experts present and discuss together the pros and cons of different topics related to respiratory medicine.

Respiratory meets other disciplines

Respiratory experts and leaders from other medical disciplines come together to discuss and present the links between both speciality areas.


State-of-the-art sessions cover eight key topics in the respiratory field and feature high-quality presentations delivered by world-leading clinical experts. Following these sessions, delegates will have the most up-to-date, clear and practical take-home knowledge relating to diagnosis, treatment and prevention.


In these 1.5–hour long sessions, four renowned experts present on key respiratory medicine topics or areas of interest to respiratory professionals.

Year in review

These popular sessions provide an overview of the most significant publications and discoveries of the year on a range of topics.

Workshops and courses

We host a number of activities at Congress that provide attendees with practical presentations of clinical skills and non-scientific topics.

Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate courses are sessions where medical practitioners will have the opportunity to align their current procedures with the latest clinical best practice. These lecture-based sessions, organised onsite on Saturday, include dedicated time for interaction between participants and faculty. Participants will put knowledge into practice by taking part in group tasks led by top level faculty. Registration for these courses is additional to the congress registration fee.

Skills workshops

Skills workshops are designed to allow participants to gain practical skills in different disciplines of respiratory medicine. These sessions revolve around workstations and use interactive demonstrations, case discussions, and hands-on training instead of traditional presentations and lectures. The maximum number of participants is 32 per skills workshop. Registration for these workshops is additional to the congress registration fee.

Abstracts and clinical cases

Check the latest information on abstract and clinical case submissions for the upcoming congress.

Session proposals and priority topics

View the latest updates on session proposal deadlines and priority topics for the ERS Congress 2023.