Industry sessions

Organising an industry session at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) Congress is an effective way to reach a large audience and offer cutting-edge science, reveal clinical data, or examine case studies in a highly relevant environment.

Important information: the ERS Congress 2024 has received the compliant status from the EthicalMedTech CVS

Face-to-Face opportunities

Following the success of our hybrid editions, the ERS Congress 2024 will continue with a hybrid format, allowing the industry to target both the delegates attending the Congress onsite and our online audience. The following options are available to book:

  • Seven rooms fully equipped with AV and cameras that will allow live broadcasting on the virtual platform
  • Webcasts in almost every room that enable industry sessions to be replayed on the virtual platform until the end December, 2024
  • A full F2F or a full virtual live-streamed symposium

GENDER AND DIVERSITY – It is the European Respiratory Society’s policy to ensure diversity and equal opportunity when selecting faculty for all ERS scientific and educational events, sessions, and activities. We take this opportunity to advise you that we are keen to see the end of all-male faculty sessions, and although we don’t wish to strictly regulate industry choice of faculty, we do hope to see a change in the approach to faculty selection.

Session types

From Sunday, 8 September to Tuesday, 10 September, 2024, companies will have the opportunity to deliver in-person sessions at the following times. We will prioritise lunchtime and evening sessions on Sunday and Monday, and morning and lunchtime sessions on Tuesday. For more information, please click on a session type:

NB: Other industry sessions will be organised simultaneously. All information and prices may be subject to change. Prices do not include VAT, when applicable.

Virtual opportunities

From Sunday, 8 September to Tuesday, 10 September, 2024, companies have the opportunity to deliver virtual sessions at the following times:

  • Breakfast slot, 08:00–09:00 CEST — €40,000
  • Lunchtime slot, 12:45–13:45 CEST — €60,000
  • Evening slot, 17:30–19:00 CEST — €50,000

Important documents

NB: Applications for Industry Sessions must be submitted by either pharmaceutical or device companies. No other entities can apply for an industry session. The invoice must be paid by the signing company (pharmaceutical or device).

Contact ERS

For general enquiries, please contact the corporate relations team.

To book an Industry Symposium, please contact Fanny-Anh Le Hoang:

To book a Skills Lab, please contact Nicolas Luginbuhl: