Tobacco Control Committee

The ERS Tobacco Control Committee coordinates the European Respiratory Society’s (ERS) activities on tobacco control at every level.


The committee works with professionals who are on the frontline in hospitals, clinics and universities; at the European level, with an office to monitor tobacco control; and at the international level through global conferences and membership of organisations such as the Framework Convention Alliance.

The committee has developed strong partnerships with cancer and heart organisations and encouraged a strict code of conduct for relations with the tobacco industry for ERS members.

Committee members

Filippos Filippidis - profile image
Filippos Filippidis
ERS Tobacco Control Committee Chair

Barbara Hoffmann - profile image
Barbara Hoffmann
Advocacy Council Chair

Declaration of Interests

Annual Declaration of Interest 2023-2024

1 - Personal interests

Regular Paid Consultancy Work


Personal Benefits


Personal Travel Grants or expenses for conferences etc.


Shares in any Relevant Companies (excluding mutual funds)


2 - Non-Personal interests

Company Nature of Support Amount of funds received*
DFGResearch grantD
Umwelt- und NachbarschaftshausResearch grantD
UmweltbundesamtResearch grantD

3 - Other Interests that may be seen as potential conflicts


4 - Tobacco-Industry related Conflicts of Interests

No. I declare that I have not been full or part time employee of, paid consultant or advisor to /received a grant from the tobacco industry at any time after 1.1.2000, for any project or programme.

*Funds Code Legend
less than € 1'000 € 1001 - € 5'000 € 5'001 - € 20'000 more than € 20'000
Stamatoula Tsikrika - profile image
Stamatoula Tsikrika
Chair of Group 6.3

Ane Johannessen - profile image
Ane Johannessen
Head of ERS Assembly 6

Epidemiology and Environment

Dimitris Kontopidis - profile image
Dimitris Kontopidis
Chair of the European Lung Foundation

Dimitris is a cystic fibrosis patient and advocate as well as Vice President of the Greek Patient Association, and founder of Patients Hub.

He won the European Lung Foundation (ELF) Award in 2021 for his efforts to ensure equal access to innovative treatments and health services for all.

Emer Kelly - profile image
Emer Kelly
ERS Education Representative

Deborah Sy - profile image
Deborah Sy
Expert co-opted for specific tasks

Daniel Chen - profile image
Daniel Chen
Expert co-opted for specific tasks

Des Cox - profile image
Des Cox
Expert co-opted for specific tasks

ERS Executive Director is an observer.

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