Identifying the right intervention for the right patient: ERS offers endorsement of pragmatic clinical trials

19 November, 2018

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) has announced an opportunity for both members and non-members to get their pragmatic clinical trials endorsed by the Society, in order to address the current gap between the market approval of new drugs and real-life clinical practice.

As the gap is not fully addressed by the commercial sector, it is widely felt that more pragmatic trials, which are designed to show the real-world effectiveness of the intervention in broad patient groups, are required.

This new initiative has been introduced by ERS, a leader in the respiratory field, as part of the Society’s overall aim to support and encourage high-quality research and education.

Endorsement from ERS has a number of benefits; it allows you to promote the ERS ‘seal of approval’ on your materials, as well as benefit from ERS’s wide and international reach.

ERS partner with national respiratory societies around the world and as such have an ideal audience to which we can help promote such trials.

Applications for endorsements can be submitted effective immediately and the dedicated ERS webpage has all relevant details relating to criteria and application process.