European Week Against Cancer: Action needed to reduce the burden of lung cancer in Europe

Lung cancer continues to be the biggest cancer killer in Europe, causing more deaths each year than colon, breast and prostate cancers combined. In honour of the European Week Against Cancer, which is led by the Association of European Cancer Leagues annually between 25 and 31 May, the European Respiratory Society (ERS) calls on the European Commission for more action to progress Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

ERS believes that prevention and early detection are key to reduce the burden of lung cancer in Europe. We urge policymakers to support policies that broaden cancer screening programmes, commit to reducing exposure to risk factors for cancer, and which support further research related to lung cancer. To support these goals, ERS recommends:

  • The introduction of guidelines on lung cancer screening to support member states to implement screening programmes for high risk individuals.
  • More to assistance for Member States to fully implement the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in order to prevent tobacco use across the EU.
  • A commitment to reduce pollution levels, to enable citizens to breathe clean air and protect their health, through the ambitious Zero Pollution Strategy.
  • Continued support for research and innovation in medical sciences in order to continue to broaden our understanding of the origins of cancer and to support the development of effective prevention and treatment methods.

ERS hopes for a strong response through EU level initiatives to help change the fate of cancer in Europe.

Learn about lung cancer screening and ERS’s position

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